A Rifle for the Generations – Boyds’ Gunstocks At-One particular Thumbhole


Searching by way of that scope as you shoulder your rifle,
taking aim at your target irrespective of whether it be flesh or paper. Absolutely nothing replaces that
feeling, particularly when it is your initial rifle. There’s a connection involving a
hunter and their initial rifle. If you got it when you have been a kid, the stock was
possibly reduce quick so you could find out how to shoulder a gun effectively. As you
grew up, it became also quick for you and you had to get various rifles to match
you. But what if you didn’t have to do that any longer? What if you could get a single
rifle and have it develop with you?

So, I set out on a journey to create the excellent youth rifle
that would develop with you and back once more when it came time to hand it down to
the subsequent generation. But I had pretty a road to travel. How would I make a decision
specifically how to create an excellent gun that would adapt to the hunter alternatively of the
hunter adapting to the gun?

Step 1: Rifle Cartridge

Very first would be what cartridge this rifle would chamber. I
required to make a decision what the very best cartridge would be for a youth rifle that would
nevertheless be helpful to an adult. With so lots of solutions to pick from, I narrowed it
down to cartridges that have been appropriate for hunting with restricted recoil, but I
also wanted some thing with a LOT of ammunition selections. My final selection for cartridge
became the .243 Winchester. Ammunition is readily obtainable and straightforward to uncover
from a number of suppliers and with lots of selections as to bullet weight and
grains of powder.

Step two: Base Rifle

As soon as I had the cartridge narrowed down, then it was time to
make a decision what rifle I would start out with. With so lots of rifles chambered in .243
Winchester, I fairly a great deal had my choose. I didn’t want to start out with a “budget”
rifle due to the fact this create would come to be an heirloom. Some of the a lot more clear
selections are the Remington Arms Model 700, Savage Arms 110, Ruger American, and
the Browning X-Bolt.  I wanted some thing
with time-tested reliability, an economical cost tag, and outstanding consumer
service. Just after a great deal deliberation, the Remington Arms Model
700 SPS Compact
came out the winner and I required to move onto the subsequent step.  MSRP:

Step three: Optics and

Selecting optics can be a complicated and time-consuming job.
Everybody has their personal opinions and preferences when it comes to scopes and
mounting hardware. Very first, I required to appear at who I would get my scope from.
With so lots of suppliers on the market place, I began with the most significant ones. I
scoured Leupold’s web site, study critiques on Trijicon, Nikon, NightForce, and
Bushnell, just to name a handful of. I researched various objective sizes and zoom
ranges. Just after a lot of investigation, I decided on a Trijicon AccuPower
riflescope with a green illuminated duplex reticle. Trijicon has
awesome consumer service, a higher-good quality solution, and fair costs. As for the
mounting hardware, I took the straightforward route and picked up a set of black integral
scope mounts from Remington. These mounts have been economical and currently made
to match the Model 700 rifle and a scope with a 1” tube.

Scope MSRP: $699.00   Mounting Hardware MSRP: $34.95

Step four: Aftermarket

Stocks can be a difficult point. There are so lots of solutions
straight from the suppliers, but the only selection for me is Boyds’ Gunstocks. I have been beyond
impressed with the comfort and ease of installment with the other stocks I have
gotten from Boyds’. Considering that this rifle required an quickly adjustable stock, the
At-One particular series was certainly the way to go. With the At-One particular thumbhole stock
getting the newest addition to this series, and the comfort that comes with a
thumbhole stock, I knew the At-One
would be the way to go. 
Boyds’ Gunstocks tends to make ordering your custom stock straightforward and enjoyable. Their
web site enables you to enter your firearm’s make, model, and any other specifics
(lengthy action, quick action, shotgun gauge), and it will give you a choice of
stock styles to pick from. As soon as the design and style has been selected, then it is time
to pick the colour of your stock. I decided on the restricted-edition Covert fade
colour. Regrettably, the fade colors are no longer obtainable, but there are so
lots of to pick from. You can even have laser engraving added. Designing your
ideal custom stock is so straightforward with Boyds’ Gunstocks. MSRP: $199.00

Step five: Ammunition

Our ideal youth rifle has been assembled and is prepared to hit the variety. The final step is to figure out what type of ammunition you want to use. All rifles are various in this regard. Just after shooting lots of various sorts of ammunition, I determined that I like the Barnes Bullets Vor-TX with 80 grain tipped TTSXTM bullet the very best. This is the bullet that flew the very best from my rifle. Each and every rifle is various, so you need to uncover what operates very best for you. There are so lots of selections when it comes to bullet weight and shape, that you can uncover specifically what you like the very best. MSRP: $34.99 at MidwayUSA

Constructing the ideal youth rifle that can develop with the
shooter and getting capable to hand down to the subsequent generation as definitely been an
intriguing challenge. Nonetheless, I know that it will be rewarding to watch my
young children develop up with this superb rifle and cherish the memories they produce
with it.


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