Bag Drop: The Car Bail-Out Bag


EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to “Bag Drop” — a new column all about bags, and what we fill them with. We’ll be covering a range of bail-out, bug-out, get-household and go bags. All of these terms are thrown about willy-nilly in the preparedness neighborhood with tiny time taken to define the intent and objective of every single form. What you place in your bags depends totally on your demands and desires, but we hope to give you with a tiny meals for believed about what’s attainable and how to pack correctly for the unforeseen.

For our inaugural installment of “Bag Drop,” I’m going to speak about a bag that is been with me for years. It has actually traveled the globe and was constructed for a clear objective. I discovered a extended time ago that gear choice is a type of mission evaluation. In layman’s terms — a nicely-packed bag should really fill a particular have to have and do so with a minimum of bulk or excess. This distinct bag can also be noticed in “Trick Your Truck” in RECOIL OFFGRID Challenge 33.

The Bail-Out Bag

In a prior lifetime, I worked in Afghanistan as an independent contractor, offering facility safety and close protection solutions to government personnel. Aspect of this job necessary driving or riding in armored SUVs, frequently as a single-truck element, in regions exactly where IEDs and ambushes have been a pretty actual threat. In several circumstances, if a automobile is blocked in or disabled through the course of an attack, you may well have to bail out of it (possibly below fire) and leave the region on foot. Due to the fact of this, I wanted a lightweight low-profile bag to hold added supplies I could bring with me if I was ever forced to exit my automobile through a fight. This bag also stayed with me although manning static posts in the occasion of an active shooter or big-scale ground assault against our perimeter.

The bag itself is a Terrorist Interdiction Bag from Suarez International. Measuring only 10 by 12.five inches, the all round style is flat and lean. I located it completely sized to tuck below the driver seat of my automobile or the drawer of my desk although functioning numerous duties in Afghanistan. The bag also involves a waist strap. With the shoulder strap slung across your chest like a seatbelt, and the waist strap clipped about your torso, you can fight straight from the bag with minimal bouncing or flopping although you move. In impact, this turns the TIB into an oversized holster, with all on-board supplies effortlessly accessible on the go. On their internet site, the people at Suarez International say this: “The TIB is the answer for the man that demands to carry a complete higher intensity-quick duration fighting kit 24/7/365, but in a pretty compact and ultra-discreet manner … We recommend you do not overfill it with non-essentials. Speedy and dirty. Fill it with weapons, magazines, weapon accessories, and healthcare stuff. That is all.”

The Contents

To this finish, my individual TIB would be a devoted fighting bag. There would be no extended-term survival provisions. I didn’t retain any actual guns in this bag, as my duties necessary weapons be kept on my particular person although on duty. The primary zip compartment involves a removable “kangaroo pouch” that holds 3 rifle magazine with bungee-cord prime retention. I filled all 3 slots with spare 30-round magazines for my carbine. Behind the magazines is a big pocket, divided down the middle that I applied for added trauma healthcare supplies: hemostatic gauze, an Israeli bandage, and chest seals. Because the rifle mag pouch is covered with loop-side Velcro on the outdoors, I added a tiny placard with elastic loops that I filled with tiny chem lights for signaling or space-marking in a CQB situation.

The front-flap of the bag is held closed with a Fastex buckle and covers a shallow pocket lined with elastic loops. I applied the loops in this compartment to hold a flashlight, tourniquet, folding knife, and multi-tool.

Lastly, there are two tiny finish pockets on either side of the bag. In a single pocket, I kept “personnel control” supplies — flex cuffs and pepper spray, in the occasion that hostile or unknown personnel necessary to be subdued or transported immediately after the quick fight. In a pinch, flex cuffs can also be applied to assist safe doors or gates. Opposite this, I kept fire-beginning supplies. This is the closest I came to like actual survival gear. A Zippo lighter, bottle of lighter fluid, and quite a few waterproof fire-beginning wicks have been just sufficient to match in this pocket. The only factors in this bag without the need of a direct and quick application in combat, this inclusion was basic individual preference. In retrospect, a individual GPS beacon or satellite telephone would’ve been an exceptional substitute. Most tiny-to-medium phones or pocket beacons would’ve match completely in the identical pocket.

Closing Thoughts

That is it. I carried this bag, in this configuration, for quite a few deployments. Thankfully, I in no way necessary to use it. But I often felt much better being aware of I had the added muscle in case I did. Even if Uncle Sam in no way sends you on that all-expense-paid trip to the Mid East, a devoted fighting bag is a worthwhile consideration in any preparedness program. Even if you can not — or do not want to — carry a firearm on you, this bag will hold even a complete-sized handgun with ease. Stashing a government-sized 1911 or Glock 17 with quite a few extended magazines offers you an all-inclusive resolution to go from unarmed to fight prepared. Obtaining a bag like this cached in your trunk, hall closet, or desk drawer offers you a sturdy option to hiding and hoping for the ideal if faced with armed assailants.

Suarez International Terrorist Interdiction/Active Shooter Bag (TIB)



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