Celebrity Hunted pair Toff and Stanley Johnson make daring escape to Devon


Just when it looked specific they would be caught – Toff and Stanley produced a daring escape to Devon in Celebrity Hunted.

The Torquay favourite ran, drove, took a train and sailed to stay away from capture in Sunday’s episode of the Channel four show.

Toff, 24, and her teammate Stanley Johnson (Boris’s dad), 74, had been attempting to go off grid considering the fact that the newest series started final week, with varying levels of accomplishment.

This week they escaped to the Westcountry and Toff’s hometown of Torquay.

Their antics have proved a winning recipe with viewers.

Twitter followers praised the pair – the only surprise becoming they weren’t caught sooner.

[email protected] stated: “They are fantastic tv with each other although, you have to admit that. Stanley and Toff I imply not Stanley and Boris.”

And @erika-n77 stated: “Oh god stan stresses me out Toff is so calm with him id be pulling my hair out or I’d have to ditch him lol #hunted


Sunday’s episode started with Toff – actual name Georgia Toffolo – and Stan losing every single other at Birmingham’s New Street Station. The hunters spotted Toff roaming previous WHSmith.

“There he is,” she stated, racing to meet Stan as they boarded the Plymouth-bound train south. It seemed only a matter of time prior to they have been seized.

Somehow they got away. Even the hunters believed the pair have been lacking escapee capabilities, one particular saying he would give up his job if he could not discover somebody so conspicuous as Stan.

Toff headed dwelling. Stan took out £100 money on the M5 at Tiverton. Toff managed to cadge a lift at the petrol station with a motorist heading to Torbay.

“Each day we cover severe miles,” she stated, explaining the pair’s surprising efforts to preserve one particular step ahead of the unters.


Which brought them to Torbay.

They have been greeted on the English Riviera by blue skies as Toff promised to show Stanley her old stomping grounds. He was suitably impressed lounging on a boat in Torquay Marina.

What the pair did not know was that the hunter’s had accessed Toff’s text messages and the trail to Devon was simple to comply with.

The ending looked inevitable till Toff, feeling a bit peckish, asked for some sandwiches only to be alerted to the presence of the hunters. She quickly raced back down to see Stanley waiting on the yacht.

“We cannot have the crab sandwiches,” stated Stanley.

From there they headed to Salcombe.


The programme is in help of Stand Up To Cancer.

Eight celebrities, utilised to living a privileged life, go on the run with electronic tags to reveal their each and every move. They are hunted down by a group of police and military authorities with access to the state’s surveillance network energy.


@RobbieMcMillan joined added his views on Twitter: “Appears like Stanley has gone missing once more. You are meant to be hiding from the hunters not Toff. I assume Toff need to place some toddler reins on him

[email protected]_ki01100100·No captures over the course of 2 episodes‽ What are the hunters playing at‽ #hunted #CelebrityHunted


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