Horror-Themed Board Games To Make Your Halloween Party Spooktacular


It is common for people to throw Halloween parties, and there are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed at them: foods that look like spiders and body parts, costume contests with awards, movie marathons featuring horror classics and games that keep everyone entertained.

The best kind of game to play at a Halloween party would, of course, be one with a scary theme, and that is what this list is all about… Down below, there are 10 different board games that are all pretty creepy and that would all make any party quite spooktacular. Hold on to your loved ones, things are going to get scary.

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10 Endless Games Horror Trivia Card Game


Horror buffs love to show off their knowledge of the genre, meaning everyone will have a blast playing this game and seeing who knows the most. The goal is to gather weapons while correctly answering trivia questions, as the first to get three weapons wins.

There is a wide range of questions, as there are 150 cards included, as well as easy instructions on how to play and keep score. This could be played with just two people or with teams, like when a big group comes together for a party. 

9 Resident Evil 2: The Board Game


The Resident Evil film franchise is based on the video game series of the same name, and now, there is a board game version. It is a cooperative survival game for one-to-four players, and it is set in the Resident Evil universe.

There are familiar characters, streets filled with zombies and a fight to escape and survive. That being said, players will enjoy references from the movies and video games, as well as all-new miniatures and mechanics that make for a very exciting and entertaining time. 

8 Monopoly IT Board Game 


Monopoly is one of the most popular and classic board games out there, and this one is themed around Stephen King’s It. As an officially licensed product, it features locations that people will recognize from the book and film and six custom tokens: an inhaler, Richie’s glasses, a bicycle, Eddie’s cast, a paper boat and, of course, a balloon.

Party guests and fans of this genre and story will love getting to play an updated version and a spookier version of this beloved board game. 

7 Horrified: Universal Monsters


Next up on this list of Halloween-themed suggestions is a cooperative game (which is a super fun addition to any party) starring some of the most famous horror characters of all; in it, a village is under attack, so players must work to defeat the bad guys… which are all classic monsters from Universal, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, his Bride and The Mummy.

However, each of these monsters come with their own unique challenge, meaning anything could happen in this game, and no one is safe! 

6 Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game 


There are several trivia games out there that focus on scary flicks, and an additional one is Slash Cards: The Horror Movie Trivia Game. It comes with 1,375 questions that cover more than 400 horror movies, meaning there is truly something for everyone!

So with the 275 trivia cards, 50 category cards, five slash cards and two game modes that are all included, this item is sure to provide lots of fun, whether two pals are testing their knowledge or an entire party is working to answer the most questions in the fastest time. 

5 Halloween Charades


Charades is yet another game that has been around forever and that is enjoyed by one and all. But this is not some average version… It is themed around Halloween! Just put what is included in a bowl, let everyone draw out one card, and try to guess what character they are from scary television shows and spooky movies.

From Hocus Pocus to Friday the 13th, this covers an array of characters, which will be so fun to act out and guess. There are also classic rules and helpful hints included with this product. 

4 Betrayal At House On The Hill


Betrayal At House On The Hill is a cooperative game for three-to-six players, and it features multiple scenarios and a different layout with every game. Playing with the explorer figures that come with this product, players must investigate a house that is filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets.

And since there are 50 different scenarios and dozens of danger-filled rooms, anything could happen in this award-winning game of strategy and horror. This would be something else great to include at an upcoming Halloween party!

3 Fury of Dracula 4th Edition


Dracula is a popular character from this genre, and in this game, one person will play as him, as they sire new vampires, lay traps and lead enemies astray… enemies that are the other players. Yes, everyone else plays as hunters, which are trying to track and destroy this vampire.

As the fourth edition, this game comes with five new figures, but it is just as suspenseful as before. Plus, every time it is played, it will deliver something special, as there is a unique experience, depending on which characters everyone chooses. 

2 Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition


Trivial Pursuit is a popular game, and this is the Horror Movie Edition! As mentioned, trivia always goes over great at parties, especially when a bunch of scary movie freaks are together.

This game goes over 100 years of horror films, with 600 questions that cover monsters, gore, the paranormal, slasher stories and international flicks. Who will know the right answers? Who will answer them first? Who will win it all? And will the fun ever stop? With a game like this, it doesn’t have to, so keep this in mind when shopping.  

1 Ouija Board Mystifying Oracle 


And, of course, there is this classic ouija board. Everyone knows what this is all about: Players can ask it a question and wait to see what answer the Mystifying Oracle will give. This durable board and the message indicator are made in the U.S.A., and it is only a game… Right?

Let party attendees decide, as this is whipped out right at the beginning, to set the spooky tone of the evening, or at the end, when everyone is about to leave and about to have to go home in the dark and all alone…

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