Mexican Cartel vs Mexican Police ⋆


More than the weekend we got some video and news of the Mexican Drug cartel in a battle with the Mexican Police. The fire fight occurred simply because the cartel got them to release their leader , the son of El Chapo. Some incredible video came out from folks filming on the street and from the cartel hitmen themselves.

1 video streamed from inside the automobile of a Mex Cartel hit man had him displaying off a LAW launcher and his MK 48 belt fed. Other video showed a cartel superior firing a Barrett at police and the truck with M2 mounted on it above. They have been really serious about it thats for certain.

Hey, but we do not need to have a wall. Walls are racist. Who would choose strawberries for us if we preserve these salt of the earth folks out? We know only the greatest of society comes right here to integrate with us.


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