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This is not going to be a attractive thread. Much more like a public service announcement. But right now was beautiful, 60° day even even though we have been in the 30s and got frost final evening. Winter is coming.

So I believed that I would place out a reminder that NOW is the time to do all of your routine upkeep on the gear that you may possibly need to have this winter (snowblower, generator, chainsaw), not in the middle of December or January when you all of a sudden comprehend that you forgot to make these repairs that you required final season.

I’ve unofficially created Columbus Day weekend my “get prepared for winter weekend”. About right here it is doable to not get snow till pretty much January, but we’ve also received 20″ ahead of the finish of October though the leaves have been nonetheless on. We lost energy for 5 days. It is considerably nicer performing this operate when it is not 4° and blowing.

I changed the oil and spark plugs in the snow blower, generator and the plug in the chainsaw, fixed the broken pull cord on the blower, cleaned and sharpened the chain on the saw and ran them all till warm. Tomorrow I will clean out the coke from the kerosene stove and tear apart and clean the carburetor and transform the filter. After we get a tankful of kerosene, we will be officially prepared for winter.

Make hay though the sun shines, folks!




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