Pay a visit to to an 89+ Year old CCC water conservation project


west of main swale looking east.jpg

Back in the Depression, the CCC constructed various swales close to Tucson, AZ. They exist – and function – these days.

swale meadow looking N_S.jpg

The major swale is a big, crescent-shaped stricture with a thriving – if little – eco-technique that thrives owing to the swale. This shows a meadow behind the swale, even tho it final rained back in Aug.

Swale medow camera looking East.jpg

The grass is knee-higher in most areas.

fat cactus just west of main swale.jpg

this cactus is positioned ‘downstream’ of the major swale. As you can see, it is fairly ‘fat’ with water. The prime of the pole is about 16.five ft above nearby terrain. You can see 1 of the smaller sized ‘bar’ swales behind me.

Prickly pear cactus at swale.jpg

a extremely healthful prickly pear cactus just at the base of the major structure. The prime of the swalle right here at the NE finish of the structure is about 15 to 17 feet tall.

fat barrel cactus w 170 CM stick.jpg

a nearby barrel cactus, also fairly ‘fat’ with water. The pole is 170 CM lengthy.

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(Edit to add. The people today are my niece, her SO and my brother (the PhD!)



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