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They say a Rifle is only as fantastic as its Scope

But my father never ever utilized a scope, did fine and nevertheless does fine immediately after all these years. So maybe picking out a rifle for massive game in Alaska, or anyplace else, is seriously a just matter of decision.
I do not pretend to be a rifle specialist and do not want to be. I just know that immediately after spending 20-plus years in the Arctic and effectively hunting fairly a great deal all the things that walks the tundra up right here, I know what functions and has worked for me. So take my observations for what they’re worth.

Initial of all, it is not so a great deal about the rifle brand itself, even even though that has a lot to do with good quality of any gun. Additional particularly, it is about the round or caliber you decide on to hunt with.
I know quite a few guys and gals who hunt with a wide variety of calibers and have had tremendous achievement. I know hunters who take a .375 on each trip, as effectively as quite a few who hunt with the newer six.five Creedmores. If you reside in the Arctic, the .223 is the typical. All are distinctive and all have their robust points. As lengthy as you can shoot it effectively and it performs to your specifications and specifications, then all the improved.

Obtaining THE Appropriate Match
When I very first came to Alaska, I purchased a .300 Winchester Model 70. It was the rifle to have, all the locals told me, and general it is most likely the ideal caliber for something that Alaska can throw at you.
I took a lot of wonderful animals with that rifle, but sooner or later, like all gun enthusiasts, I wanted some thing new. I quickly identified the Sako brand to my liking, but only immediately after a mule deer hunt in Montana, exactly where I utilized a friend’s rifle to take a wonderful buck.
I had to have a single, so I purchased a Sako 75 Finnlite in 7mm. It was the rifle for me. It was light, and had an uncomplicated trigger and a detachable box, which I liked even a lot more. The 7mm round performed flawlessly on each hunt, and for the subsequent 15 years it was the only rifle I utilized.
At some point I place it away in favor of a new caliber but with an old, familiar name.
I picked up a .300 WSM in Model 70. I topped it with a Swarovski scope
and it has been my decision given that. It is a bit heavier than the Sako and even my .300, but I shoot it effectively and hit exactly where I’m aiming. So possibly a scope does make the distinction.

WHAT YOU Need to have TO KNOW
My guidance for picking out a rifle is primarily based on:

  • What are you preparing to do with it? If you are solely hunting massive game, then choose a caliber that will get the job accomplished. A single shot, a single kill.
  • Pick a rifle that can manage the atmosphere you are hunting in. I hunt close to saltwater and it plays heck on rifle barrels. That is why I like stainless. Also, if it is going to get banged about, then possibly a less costly version may possibly be ideal.
  • Pick a rifle/caliber that you can shoot accurately. Absolutely nothing is worse than not hitting what you are aiming at.
  • Pick a rifle that is enjoyable for you to shoot. I have a pal who believes that larger is improved, even if it offers him a bruised shoulder afterwards.

Like I mentioned, when picking out a rifle or any piece of hunting gear, discover what functions ideal for you, the hunter, and for what you strategy to do with it. Keep protected and fantastic shooting! AmSJ

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