Stashing pins and needles in your Victorinox Swiss Army knife


I have noticed a number of posts on several knife and edc forums (fora?) about the “pin dock,” a hole in the scale of some lately developed SAKs with the corkscrew, plus photographs and comments about stashing sewing needles elsewhere in the knives. I attempted all these hiding areas on my Victorinox Huntsman and came up with 1 of my personal, though I would not be shocked if other folks have had the exact same notion.

Initially, right here is the pin dock with a straight pin inserted. Regular length pins match flush. Some owners use pins with a plastic ball on the head which tends to make it a lot easier to grab. I have not located a use for the pin but!

pin dock.JPG

pin dock flush.jpg

Right here is a sewing needle stashed beneath the corkscrew. The finish of the needle can be trapped beneath the base of the corkscrew when closed. You can see the needle trapped beneath the corkscrew in the photo above. The needle is quite safe when trapped by the closed corkscrew but will fall out when you deploy the corkscrew.

needle under corkscrew.jpg

Right here is a big-ish sewing needle with about three feet of upholstery thread stashed beneath the saw blade. If the thread wrap is thick sufficient it stays in the slot fairly properly, but it is probably to fall out when employing the saw. If you wax the thread it will probably keep tucked in the slot far better.

Needle and thread under saw.jpg

Needle and thread.jpg

And right here is my notion: a big canvas needle stored in the toothpick slot. I have by no means located the toothpick beneficial I can carve a far better toothpick out of a twig. This needle, which is two 1/four” extended, fits pretty much flush and is quite safe if you turn it about 45 degrees away from the extended axis of the knife, as shown. I have carried this knife with the needle stowed in the toothpick slot for a couple of months now without the need of it coming out. I could harvest the inner strands of the paracord fob and have a superior sewing kit.

large needle in toothpick slot.jpg

large needle flush.jpg

canvas needle.jpg



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