The 7 Best Dog Car Seats & Boosters – [Reviews & Guide 2020]


Have you thought about how much safer your companion, and you, would be if they were safely in a seat instead of roaming in the vehicle? Trying to get in your lap can cause an accident that can injure the both of you.

This is why we recommend dog car seats for dogs who will be traveling in a vehicle. Not only is it safer, but they will also be more comfortable.

Depending on the size and needs of your pet, we have several options below as well as a thorough Buyer’s Guide, FAQs, and Tips section. Have questions? We’d love to hear them!

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Dog Car Seats For 2020

  1. PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat
  2. Snoozer Lookout Car Seat
  3. Queen’s Nose Dog Car Booster Seat
  4. Snoozer Luxury High-Back Console Pet Car Seat
  5. Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat for Dogs
  6. BLOBLO Dog Car Booster Seat
  7. AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat

Our reviews of the top rated dog booster seats along with our Buyer’s Guide and Comparison Table will help make sure you and your pets are comfortable and safe while driving.

Dog Car Seat Reviews

PetSafe has been a brand known to dog lovers for over 20 years and they’ve produced some of the highest quality and well-researched products for years. The Solvit Jumbo Pet Seat is one of their newest.

This pet safety seat helps to bring your pet up to 9” above the rear seat so they can look out the window with a clear view. They also get to enjoy the faux suede basket and interior liner made of quilted plaid while riding around in style.

If you are looking for the best dog car seat for your pet under 35 pounds and they are already well trained to a dog car seat, this PetSafe option can make car rides easier for both you and them.

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Simply snap the plastic pieces together to create this lightweight basket and insert the removable and washable bedding.

This dog car seat attaches to either side rear seat with an included tether that has been tested up to 2k pounds. The tether uses your vehicle’s seatbelts, so no headrests are needed to keep it secured.

This rigid dog bed for your vehicle allows your pet to move as they wish and even get excited without the sides of the structure folding in on them. This allows them to enjoy the views as they pass by while you enjoy the ride knowing PetSafe is keeping your pet safe.


PetSafe Solvit Jumbo Pet Safety Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: 35 Pounds
  • Restraint System: Leash
  • Mounting: Rear Seat
  • Removable Cover: Yes

The best puppy car seat is one that will allow them to see out the window at all that’s passing by while still allowing them to be comfortable and safe. The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is ideal for small dogs, their medium size acceptable for a pet up to 25 pounds.

The seat attaches to your car’s rear seat with a harness that keeps it from sliding or tipping forward. Your dog will be sitting higher on the seat in a lushly lined interior made into a durable foam form.

Proudly made in the US, the Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is designed to put your pet in a better position to see out the window, enjoy the AC or heat from the front of the vehicle, and even communicate with those in the front seats.

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The cover is removable for easy washing, but the sides repel animal hair and wet spills, made of quilted nylon. You’ll find many colors and designs to choose from depending on the personality of both you and your pet.

With a variety of fabrics available and an affordable price point, you could even have several of these on hand to switch out with the seasons. Or as often as you change your dog’s outfit or leash design, whichever is more often.

Snoozer started as a small company specializing in dog beds, sofas, and car seats back in 1985 and their newest lineup of these products is better than they ever have been. If your small or medium-sized dog enjoys their Snoozer Lookout Car Seat, be sure to check out their other comfortable options as well.


Snoozer Lookout Car Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: Small, Medium
  • Restraint System: None Stated
  • Mounting: Rear Seat
  • Removable Cover: Yes

Does your pet love their dog bed at home and wish they could take it with them when it’s time for a car ride?

Now they can! This Queen’s Nose Dog Car Booster Seat goes from a lay-flat design to one that provides a comfortable seat with front and rear “airbag” pillows. Just four side zippers make it happen in a cinch.

Whether you have one companion that weighs 30 pounds or less or you have two of them that weigh less than 10 pounds each, this dog booster seat can keep them safely within their seat.

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They are protected from rough driving conditions including bumps and hard stops.

One or two dogs can be safely leashed inside with an adjustable length so you can allow them to move more or less, whichever is safer for them. If they are being trained to one of the best pet car seat options, such as this one, then a belt can be used to keep them safely restrained inside.

The bed itself is designed with comfortable and durable, water-resistant fabric. This makes it easy to clean and disinfect in whatever way is best. However, there are two removable liners for the interior cushion. You can choose between breathable cotton for warmer months and soft fur for the cooler ones.

When it’s time to come back inside, you can safely bring your pet or pets inside without unleashing them or switching to another leash which can get cumbersome.

Instead, disconnect their seat from the vehicle’s seat and carry the seat within them. Once inside, unleash without the worry of someone running off.

Queen’s Nose offers some of the best-designed dog car seats available and is an investment in your pet’s health and safety when riding in the car. This design not for you? There are others!


Queen’s Nose Dog Car Booster Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: 30 Pounds
  • Restraint System: 2 Leashes and Belts
  • Mounting: Rear Seat
  • Removable Cover: No

Sitting on the console of your car could be your dog’s dream. Getting to sit up where the action is, enjoying all the attention from both the front and back seat while being able to ride in comfort. Whose dog wouldn’t like that?

A console dog car seat might be the best dog booster seat for your companion. These large sizes may even accommodate two smaller dogs. However, be prepared for only one least pre-installed.

Part of what sets this dog car seat apart is that the higher foam form in the rear prevents jumping or rolling into the back seat. Once your pet adjusts to their new seat, they can sit back and relax knowing they are secure.

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With a removable cover made of soft microsuede and leather piping at the corners, you can easily machine wash and dry this dog car seat so it’s always clean and ready for a road trip. The larger foam form keeps its shape well while also offering soft support.

Three straps will keep this pet bed safely on your car’s console. In addition to those, there is a small leash to help keep your dog inside the bed by attaching it to their collar or harness. Not only does this help protect them but also you in the event they decide they’d like to be in your lap.

Be sure to measure the amount of space you have on top of your car’s center console. This is a larger dog car seat and you will need to have enough room for it to fit properly but also not be so large that your companion isn’t snug and warm inside.


Snoozer Luxury High-Back Console Pet Car Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: Large, X-Large
  • Restraint System: Leash
  • Mounting: Console
  • Removable Cover: Yes

If you’re looking for a booster seat for dogs that have no assembly required, comes in many colors to suit you and your pet, and can even be used for a cat if needed, then the Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat is ideal.

Kurgo has an entire line of dog car seats that attach to bucket seats, either front or back seat, and are held above the base of the seat.

This can be especially helpful for small dogs who aren’t used to riding in the car or those who get carsick easily. The elevation reduces the movements felt while sitting in the basket.

While this Kurgo car pet seat is designed for pets up to 20 pounds, this is mostly based on size due to the smaller dimensions of the basket.

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Should you have a smaller dog that weighs up to 30 pounds, this best small dog car seat might be ideal for them as well.

Inside this car booster seat for dogs, your pet has an optional security leash that can be attached to any collar or harness they are already wearing. It is also a smaller size which can help reduce the instances of car sickness.

The interior dimensions of this dog booster seat are 16” L x 12” W x 8” H. You can see why this would be ideal for a cat as well, especially on lot road trips when a kennel or carrier may not be the best choice.

With a plush and luxurious corduroy liner for your pet and a flexible bottom inside the seat, your pet will be riding in the lap of luxury or, I should say, elevated just on top of it! You also have storage pockets and a quick install and release if needed.


Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat for Dogs at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: 20 Pounds
  • Restraint System: Leash
  • Mounting: Any Bucket Seat
  • Removable Cover: No

Does your smaller companion prefer to enjoy a nice, comfortable ride in the car rather than seeing out the window and wanting to interact with all that goes by?

In that case, having a bed with lots of cushion, soft fabric, and safety straps is the best bet. This dog car booster seat is more the best small dog car seat than a booster seat.

All four sides have fluffy but supportive cushions that help keep your small dog comfortable on both long rides and short. Comfort wasn’t skimped on in this design, that’s for sure.

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The beautiful Oxford fabric is ideal for any type or gender of dog with its classy appearance and it’s durable and tear-resistant nature. You’ll have other passengers wishing to sit in this dog car seat as well before too long.

Adjustable straps make installation of this dog bed in your vehicle quick and easy. You can always adjust them again as needed if you ever move the bed to another vehicle.

Because of the adjustable buckle straps, this can fit in many kinds of vehicles in both the rear seat or front.

While the fabric cover isn’t removable to machine wash and drive, you can instead throw the entire bed, including a removable inner pillow, into the washing machine. Be sure to follow all washing directions for a long length of use.

BLOBLO has also made this dog car seat a safe addition for your pet with restraining straps that can be moved and adjusted as needed. You don’t have to leave their necessities behind either with two conveniently located pockets.


BLOBLO Dog Car Booster Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: Small, Medium
  • Restraint System: Straps
  • Mounting: Front Seat, Back Seat
  • Removable Cover: No

When Amazon sees a need, they fill it with the best products they can. This smaller-sized car booster seat for dogs is perfect for dogs who like to sit up and look out the window at all the passing cars, nature, or even buildings!

The seat itself weighs less than 3 pounds and the soft sides with removable inner seat pad can all be tossed in the wash for easy cleanup of any messes.

The soft sides also allow your pet to be comfortable should they want to sink down and take a snooze. With a bucket-shaped design, this best puppy car seat is unique. The higher back means they have cushion in the event of a quick stop or turn.

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The tall sides keep them safely inside the seat. The front has a short wall with a dip that allows them to easily get in and out of the seat.

Also for safety, this seat includes an adjustable leash that keeps them secure while you are driving. Not only safe for them but you as well, this feature ensures that everyone arrives at their destination safely as well as comfortably!

Inner lining material was made out of quilted flannel for the warmth that many small dogs require. The outside of the bed is covered in thick and durable Oxford fabric. All fabrics including the inner foam form are machine washable. Be sure to remove the inner pillow on the bottom when washing.

Amazon covers this pet car booster bucket seat with a full 1-year warranty and you can’t beat that whether you are looking for the best dog car seat for a long road trip or everyday travels.


AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat at a Glance:

  • Dog Sizes: Small
  • Restraint System: Leash
  • Mounting: Front Seat, Back Seat
  • Removable Cover: No

Dog Car Seats Comparison Table

How to Choose the Best Dog Car Seat – Buyer’s Guide

dog car booster seat
BLOBLO Dog Car Seat Pet


You don’t want to grab a pet bed and set it on a seat in your car to make them comfortable. The dog car seats we reviewed have been designed specifically for comfort as well as safety.

By training your dog to sit in a car seat while you are driving, you are keeping them safe, you safe, and any other passengers in the car safe as well. But what do you look for in the best dog car seat and how do you know it’s right for your dog? Let’s look!


The size of the dog seat should be large enough for your pet to be comfortable. However, if the bed is too big for them, they may move around too much if you have to stop suddenly or turn unexpectedly. This means that choosing the right car seat is important.

You will also need to make sure the size of the dog car seat will fit in your vehicle. If it’s too large, it simply won’t fit and it can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Find the measurements of the pet car seat you are interested in and then physically measure your vehicle to ensure a proper fit.


Seats in a vehicle aren’t made for the comfort of your pet. Only a car pet seat can do that. For puppies, be sure to choose something that will allow them to lay down when they get tired, as is common when they are riding in the car. Smaller dogs should have a seat that uses fabrics to help keep them warm. Even in the summer, they can get cold when the A/C is on.

best puppy car seat


Some pets will want to be up front on the console if you have room for a pet seat there. Knowing where you are and what you are doing can help put them at ease or just make them feel like they are part of the family.

Dogs that enjoy looking out the window should be in a seat that can be placed in the front seat, if someone isn’t usually already sitting there, or in the back seat. A booster seat is best so they are lifted up to see out of the window.

Ease of Use

If your dog’s new car seat isn’t easy for you to install, then you most likely won’t use it. If you don’t use it, then neither you nor your dog benefit from the safety features they provide.

Similarly, if the seat isn’t easy for your pet to use, they won’t want to use it and they most likely won’t. Even if they do, they may not be happy about it and that’s not what a dog car seat is all about.

Be sure to look at features that you feel your dog would enjoy. Take into consideration any disabilities, such as joint pain, that may make it difficult for them to use.


All of the dog car seats that we’ve featured are many from high-quality materials that make them comfortable and durable. The materials used are meant to keep your pet comfortable!

FAQs About Dog Car Seats

Do you still have questions about picking the right dog car seat for your pet, you, and your vehicle? Let’s answer some of the most common questions we hear about these seats.

Q: Why is a dog car seat important?

A: A dog car seat is designed to keep them safe while you are driving, especially in the event of an accident. These seats keep them from getting into your lap or face while driving, which can also help prevent an accident.

Q: Why a seat and not a restraint or seat cover?

A: A restraint can keep your pet where they need to be but why not allow them to be comfortable at the same time with a car seat? Seat covers are made mostly to help protect your car’s upholstery and less to keep your pet comfortable. These can be very beneficial for larger dogs that may not fit well into a car seat designed for dogs.

Q: How do I train my dog to use a dog car seat?

A: Just as you would train your pet for any other task or behavior, it will take time. Be sure to use small treats or those designed specifically for training that have fewer calories. That way your pet won’t get a sick tummy just trying to learn their new car seat. Reward the good behavior of staying in their dog car seat with a small treat and lots of pats on the head.

Q: Where would they be most comfortable in the car?

A: Some dogs want to be near people to be comfortable. Others, when in the car, only want to look out the window. Smaller dogs may get car sick easily and need a seat that lifts them up off the top of the seat below them. Only you know your dog best and what would make them feel the most comfortable in your vehicle.

However, if you purchase a seat for a part of your car and your companion isn’t enjoying it, we invite you back to check out one of the other types of seats we’ve reviewed here.

Q: What if they are too big for the seat?

A: Almost all of the safety features of car dog seats go away if the seat is too small for the dog. It may also be very uncomfortable for them if the sides are rigid and they can’t fit properly. It’s important to make sure your pet has enough room when sitting in their new car seat for dogs.

Top Tips for Your Next Dog Car Seat

Whether you’ve purchased a car seat for a dog before or this is your first time, it’s important to keep these top 5 tips in mind. Let us know if you have any additional tips for others reading this guide as well!

Tip #1: Measure Your Car’s Interior

You should ensure you have enough room inside your vehicle for the pet seat you intend to purchase. One great way to make sure it will fit is to take the length and width dimensions given in the product description and make a template out of a large piece of paper or other material. Then, take that template and set it where you intend to place it in the vehicle. If it fits, you’re golden.

Tip #2: Check & Recheck the Mounting

After installing the seat, be sure to check the mounting before allowing your pet to use it. Then, before putting them in each time, be sure to check it again by giving it a tug or push. If it moves too much, you may need to tighten up the mounting.

Tip #3: Clean the Seat Regularly

Just as with a car seat designed for a human baby, you need to keep it as clean as possible. It can attract germs and bugs, for instance, if there are crumbs or even feces and urine left behind.

best dog booster seat

Tip #4: Compare to Their Existing Dog Bed

One way to ensure they will fit into the car seat is to compare it to the dimensions of their current dog bed in the house if they will be laying down in this new dog seat for the car. If it will only allow them to sit up, then you should measure the dimensions of their “footprint” while they are sitting comfortably.

Tip #5: Clip Your Dog’s Nails Regularly

Untrimmed nails can cause rips and tears in their new dog bed. If you aren’t comfortable clipping their nails on your own, you can stop by a groomer’s and have them trimmed, usually while you wait. This is a precaution that can help extend the life of their car seat.

Which dog car seat is right for your dog?

We’ve featured the top 7 dog car seats and we’ve given you a lot of information you can use to help you choose the right one for you—and them. Be sure your companion and everyone riding in the car with them is safe by giving your friend the benefit of a comfortable and warm car seat designed just for them.




The PetSafe Solvit is our Editor’s Choice for the best dog car seat with its combination of features, safety and quality.

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