The Iconic Colt Delta Elite Gives 10mm to 1911 Fans :


Chambered in the almighty 10mm the Colt Delta Elite is an iconic hand cannon on the want list of each and every Colt collector and 10mm junky given that 1987.

Even though Colt has released many configurations of the Delta in the previous, I snagged the most current version re-released in 2009. Featuring a stainless steel design and style with black textured grips and the renowned Delta Medallions, the prime of the slide opts for a brushed appear to reduce down on reflective glare.

How Does It Shoot?

Colt Delta

The 1911 is a established design and style with a extended history. (Photo: Ben Brown/


It shouldn’t be a surprise that all 10mm loads, supplied by Federal Ammunition, had some stiff recoil. It comes with the 10mm territory. No stranger to the hunting demographic, the 10mm load can make for an thrilling hunting round. Even though handgun hunting varies by state, with some municipalities outlawing the sport, if your state enables it the Delta Elite is an choice for harvesting pig or varmint with the Delta Elite.

The heavier weight and complete-size grip operate to lessen recoil for the duration of an eight-round magazine, but it is not some thing you will want to plink with all-day nor is this a handgun you’d want to run alongside a two-day defensive class.

Colt Delta

The Colt Delta Elite comes with a three.five-pound trigger. (Photo: Ben Brown/

Manipulating the Delta Elite whilst operating a course of fire was a bit of an adjustment for me. I do not shoot 1911s on a regular basis and as such the manual security and slide quit slowed me down. Following a couple of mags, on the other hand, I felt quite comfy. In spite of a understanding curve, I did take pleasure in the classic three.five-pound, 1911 style trigger and Novak style sights which afforded me correct shots on target.


Colt Delta

(Photo: Ben Brown/

This bucket list item is fantastic for any 1911 connoisseur. Beginning about $1,200 for newer models older and uncommon models do see an raise in worth and price. The very good news is, resale worth of these Colts only increases in years to come, producing it a terrific addition to a gun collection.

In an age of polymer and striker-fired handguns, this classic delivers efficiency with its established design and style. The mixture of 10mm with the 1911 aesthetic is a definite winner. No matter what your reasoning for choosing up a Delta Elite, you will not be disappointed.



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