Okay, ZL says he’s 102 years old.  And a net designer.  He’s a spry fella, I’ll give him that!

He sends his “Current Set Up” for today’s carry submission.

Very first off, he carries a GLOCK 17 every day.  Or so he says.  I’ll say that is a lot of gun to schlep about all day extended.  But that is a lot of bullets.  The final time I carried a G17 (and two spare mags)?  When I visited Chicago with a entire bunch of broken down guns to sell to the do-gooders on the South Side.

Back to ZL:  he’s also got the “large” O-light Baton light.  2000 lumens.  Jesus.  He could signal the International Space Station with that.  Or blind himself from light splashing back at him in any typical-sized area.  Not the most prudent selection, in my opinion.

It may come in handy if he desires to throw a baseball game.  Shine it in the basic path on the pitcher and let it rip as Mr. Pitcher tends to make his wind up.

Did I inform people the time I played flashlight tag with the small kid sitting in the outfield at a AAA game about six or seven years ago?  Yeah, I was bored with the game and it seemed like entertaining at the time.  Quickly adequate, they stopped the game and the pitcher was genuinely pissed.  I had no notion that the pitcher could even see my light from the angle and path involved.  I can only visualize how pissed he would have been if I’d shined it at him with 1100 lumens of warm thoughts.  All ended effectively that evening.  At least for me.  Envision 2000 lumens shining into a pitcher’s eyes…

Oh, fantastic occasions.