They Are Telling Us That The Subsequent Recession “Will not Be As Negative As 2008”. They Are Incorrect.


Are we genuinely supposed to think them?  As the subsequent recession quickly approaches, the mainstream media is assuring us that there is not genuinely that considerably to be concerned about.  In reality, as you will see beneath, CNN is assuring us that “the subsequent a single will not be as poor as 2008”.  But how do they know?  Right after all, we didn’t have a president that was in danger of getting impeached in 2008.  As this impeachment approach moves forward, the mood of this nation is going to come to be increasingly sour.  More than in Europe, they are dealing with endless Brexit drama, and more than in China the Hong Kong protests have made instability as opposed to something we have observed in the modern day history of that nation.  Meanwhile, the Middle East has come to be an endless supply of “wars and rumors of wars”.  At some point missiles will start out flying back and forth and a main war will erupt more than there, and that will straight away throw the complete worldwide economy into chaos.  On top rated of all the things else, our planet is shaking like a leaf, worldwide climate patterns are becoming increasingly unstable and crops are failing all more than the globe.  The truth is that the atmosphere that the worldwide economy operates inside is far additional unstable nowadays than it was back in 2008, and it wouldn’t take considerably at all to push us into a total and utter financial nightmare.

But if you listen to the mainstream media, you would be tempted to assume that all the things is going to be just fine.

In reality, CNN just published an report entitled “Not all recessions are a crisis, and the subsequent a single will not be as poor as 2008”…

Recession fears are on the rise in the United States. Memories of the final downturn are exacerbating these worries: The final time America faced a recession was in 2008, as the monetary crisis was unfolding. Millions of folks lost their jobs, GDP development plummeted and enterprises shut down.

But not all recessions are like that. Often the economy can develop all the way by means of a recession. In reality, some economists think the globe is in a recession now and most folks do not even understand it.

Wouldn’t it be excellent if we could go all the way by means of the subsequent recession devoid of even realizing it?

I would adore that.

Probably they must invent a way for us to consume Brussels sprouts devoid of realizing it as nicely.

According to CNN, it is most likely that we are headed for a “growth recession” rather than a recession in which we would have “millions of lost jobs like the final recession”…

For the United States, a worldwide development recession will likely imply sluggish development, rather than millions of lost jobs like the final recession 10 years ago did. A development recession would be nothing at all like 2008, when America entered a so-referred to as technical recession: at least two consecutive quarters of a shrinking economy. The US economy is far away from that.

They can be optimistic if they want, but the issue about sticking your head in the sand is that your rear finish is nevertheless exposed.

Appear, I am not opposed to wishful considering, but at some point you have to deal with reality.  Personally, I would like to be in a position to dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan does, but it just is not going to take place.

And our reality is telling us that we are far additional vulnerable economically nowadays than we have been back in 2008.  Even even though we have under no circumstances had a complete year of three % financial development because the final recession, the Dow Jones Industrial Typical is almost twice as higher as it was at the peak of the bubble that burst through the final monetary crisis.

In other words, stock rates are absurdly overinflated, and at some point there is going to be a dramatic implosion.

A lot of the development in stock rates has been driven by organizations that are supposedly worth billions of dollars but that do not really make any earnings.

WeWork is an instance of the form of firm that I am speaking about.  It is continually hemorrhaging dollars, but back in January it was supposedly worth 47 billion dollars.

Of course that quantity was normally totally and utterly ridiculous, and just after all the problems that the firm has had in current months the valuation of the firm has changed drastically.

In reality, at this point it is getting reported that WeWork is only worth about eight billion dollars…

As WeWork runs out of dollars, SoftBank Group is orchestrating the company’s “rescue financing plan” that could worth it beneath $eight billion, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: $eight billion is a slim fraction of the $47 billion valuation WeWork gleaned in January from SoftBank. The rescue strategy also comes just after the workplace-sharing company slammed the brakes on its IPO, causing firm bonds to tumble.

So how does a firm drop 39 billion dollars in worth in much less than a year?

Nicely, it was under no circumstances really worth 47 billion dollars in the initially spot, and the truth is that WeWork is ultimately going to zero.

But comparable factors could be mentioned about firm just after firm.  Wall Street has come to be a theater for the absurd, and ultimately this complete freak show is going to implode in spectacular style.

And so what takes place if a historic stock industry crash is a single of the triggers that plunges us into an extended financial depression like we skilled in the 1930s?

Our society is not equipped to manage some thing like that.  We are soft, lazy, self-obsessed and totally dependent on the method.  If we had to abruptly come to be a lot additional self-adequate, most of us would fall flat on our faces.

Earlier nowadays, I came across a Time Magazine report which explained that 71 % of all 17-to-24-year-olds in the United States do not even meet the most fundamental qualifications for military service…

Roughly 71% of the 34 million 17-to-24-year-olds in the U.S. would not qualify for military service since of motives connected to wellness, physical look and educational background, according to the Pentagon.

The ineligible usually involves these who are obese, these who lack a higher college diploma or a GED, convicted felons, these taking prescription drugs for ADHD and these with particular tattoos and ear gauges, the Wall Street Journal reports, even though some needs can be waived.

Only 1% of young folks are each “eligible and inclined to have conversation with” the military about achievable service, according to the Defense Division.

This is just a single instance of how badly our society has declined.

There are thousands additional, and I create about them all the time.

So we improved hope that factors do not get genuinely, genuinely poor in this nation, since it would be a colossal mess as opposed to something the globe has ever observed prior to.

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