Was Trump Proper to Pullout from Syria?


President Trump orderred the US military to withdraw from a big portion of Syria final week. Given that then, he has been attacked repeatedly for the choice. By the quantity of criticism getting lobbed at the President, 1 ought to be protected in assuming this should have been the worst policy choice of the Administration. Nonetheless, contrary to the purveyors of perpetual war, the choice was sound and extended overdue. President Trump’s choice will go a extended way to stabilizing the area by enabling Syria to re-exert its sovereignty. As an added advantage, this choice also pits Russia against Turkey and guarantees the remaining pockets of radical Islamists are eliminated all even though saving American lives and revenue.

More than the years, I have repeatedly written about Syria and it is no secret I have been a vocal critic. This was a war the US ought to have under no circumstances developed or been involved with. Nonetheless, the milk was spilt. The US and its coalition covertly constructed an army of radical terrorists to take down Syria’s President Assad that failed to realize its targets even though causing enormous death and destruction in Syria. Additional, it led to a enormous influx of refugees to Europe and the spread of Islamic terrorism about the globe. If not negative sufficient, it inadvertently strengthened the positions of Russia, China, and Iran in the Middle East even though lowering the influence of the US. Actually, nothing at all fantastic came out of this. Nonetheless even though, President Trump has been viciously attacked by the apparatchiks of the Deep State for daring to take away our military from Syria.

To establish a framework of understanding, it is worthwhile to lay out some simple information and facts about the US involvement in Syria. Not surprisingly, these information do not help an argument for a perpetual occupation of Syria. Predictably, President Trump’s critics intentionally leave out crucial information relating to our ever-evolving Syria policy like:
• The US under no circumstances declared war against Syria.
• Syria is a sovereign nation the US illegally conspired to overthrow and invaded.
• The US has no very important national interests in Syria.
• The combined forces of Syria and Russia had been possessing no trouble wiping out ISIS and did not need to have US help or intervention.
• The US presence in Syria risked sparking Globe War III with Russia on numerous occasions.
• Syria was destabilized by a direct US policy to arm-train-equip rebel factions that had been aligned with al Qaeda and ISIS (as in we instigated and supported the civil war).
• The US only started “fighting ISIS” as an excuse to invade Syria immediately after it is initial covert policy of backing the fighters that became ISIS failed to overthrow President Assad.
• Proof of the use of chemical weapons by President Assad was at most effective inconclusive and at worst, demonstrated the Syrian government was setup and falsely accused in order to attempt and bait the US into a direct conflict with the Syrian government and Russia.
• US presence in Syria and help of rebel factions have prolonged the war in Syria.
• The US policy of supporting Islamic extremists against President Assad developed a enormous refugee crisis and imposed a balkanization of the state.
• The US beneath President Obama refused to intervene against ISIS in a meaningful way to safeguard ethnic Kurds and Christians in each Iraq and Syria when it would have prevented mass slaughter and destruction.
• Only immediately after Kurds and Christians had been slaughtered did US intervention beneath President Trump start.
• The US has illegally seized Syrian gas/oil fields depriving each the people today and government of Syria of very important sources.
• US occupation continues to stop a complete return of sovereignty to Syria and stabilization.

By removing the US from the equation, the withdraw brings US policy into superior accord with international laws and norms, which our presence in Syria violates. You would consider the diplomats at the United Nations and State Division would be celebrating this as an alternative of attacking President Trump. The anti-war Democrats and the media ought to also be ecstatic. Nonetheless, it is clear the information do not matter. Only sustaining the narrative that President Trump can do no ideal matters to these political zealots. Their mission now appears to be to push the tale that the US is promoting out the Kurds. This is wealthy contemplating the history of Democrats truly promoting out the Kurds in the worst methods. For instance, did President Clinton back the Kurds in their uprising against Saddam Hussein. The ensuing slaughter of Shiites and Kurds with out the promised US help was horrible. Additional, if prevented by then President Clinton, the US could have removed any need to have to ever invade Iraq in the initially spot. Let’s also mention that it was President Obama’s policy to help the rebels in Syria that became ISIS, which straight led to the slaughter of thousands of ethnic Kurds in Iraq and Syria. President Obama was completely conscious of the ethnic cleansing underway and could have intervened to cease it, but refused. In my humble opinion, these are the true sellouts of the Kurds, but according to the Left and the MSM, these policy disasters are apparently okay and get a pass. What equates to a “sellout” in their not so humble opinion is President Trump’s policy to truly back the Kurds with true military help and crush ISIS stopping additional slaughter of the Kurds and then pulling out immediately after the mission was achieved and the region stabilized. Please also realize that the Kurds have understood from the starting that US help was a marriage of comfort that would finish when ISIS was beaten back. There was under no circumstances any intention or suggestion that the US would occupy Syria and back the Kurds there for ever and ever. The Kurds knew the pullout of US troops was coming for at least two years and that is why they currently had brokered a peace deal with the Syrian government. Any suggestion otherwise is just ill-informed and/or lies.

In addition, with the US now out of the way, President Assad and Russia can concentrate on eliminating the remaining pockets of radical Islamists. The US understands that the rebel resistance is controlled by radical Islamic groups bottled up in the city of Idlib and backed by Turkey. These jihadists will use females and kids as human shields to attempt and cease any operation aimed at capturing or killing the remaining fighters. This creates a incredibly messy predicament for the US if it had been to continue its operations against Islamic terrorist groups in Syria and its NATO “ally” Turkey. By handing off the fight now to Russia and Syria, the US avoids an ugly predicament and can conveniently appear the other way as the civil war is brought to an finish. It also pits Turkey and Russia against every single other as an alternative of making contexts for them to function collectively against the US as has been the case. Now Turkey’s President Erdogan should broker a deal with Russia…a Russia that has no interest in enabling any jihadists to escape and a Russia that will insist on the return of Syria’s sovereignty. This eventually saves American lives and revenue even though attaining our “stated” objectives in the area. As I wrote all along, it would be Russia that would verify the US globalist agenda in Syria, which was doomed to failure. The US just did not have the sort of interests in Syria to defend that Russia did and was under no circumstances prepared to go to the levels Russia was prepared to defend their respective interests.

Rather than wading deeper into the civil war in Syria, President Trump has developed a signifies to honorably extricate the US with our objectives accomplished. This is a big victory, which the Left and MSM are hellbent on robbing not just the President of, but the American guys and females that worked so challenging to bring about an finish to the fighting. Now, for the reason that of President Trump righting previous policy wrongs, Syria has a true possibility to stabilize and rebuild.

By Guiles Hendrik
October 21, 2019


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