Zero Tolerance ZT 0452CF Evaluation by SurvivalBlog’s Pat Cascio


“Proudly Overbuilt In The USA!” That is what is written on just about every Zero Tolerance solution box that leaves their factory.

A longtime buddy, and fellow gun writer, after told me that, you have to catch the reader’s interest in your 1st couple of sentences or 1st paragraph of an report, or the readers will not study any additional. I surely hope I caught your interest. I know a lot of our readers are like me, they like Zero Tolerance (ZT) knives, for quite a few causes, a single is that they are constructed in the USA, correct right here in my property state of Oregon. Secondly, when you unbox a ZT knife, and inspect it, you will locate no flaws in the manufacture and design and style of the knife —ZT definitely suggests “zero tolerance” and they will not place up with something but perfection in all their items. I’ve had a lot of ZT knives go via my hands and have however to locate any flaws or imperfections in any of their items.

I will not bore our readers with this, mainly because I’ve talked about it ahead of, but I nevertheless do some knife designing, and had quite a few of these knives constructed by custom knife makers. And, the ZT line is the equal to the finest knives that quite a few custom knife makers turn out! Currently, quite a few custom knife makers make use of contemporary gear, like CNC machines to mill out their knife blades, and even the deal with scales. For a time, we known as these knives “mid-tech”. That meant: not fairly hand produced, but not totally machine produced, either. I’ve toured the Kershaw Knives factory — exactly where ZT knives are produced — a division of KAI Corporation, and have watched knives getting made from the knife blanks, to the CNC machines, to the assembly and final match, plus the sharpening of the blades, its fairly the method to watch.

Zero Tolerance knives are normally in fantastic demand. Fairly normally, I have to wait for a newly-released folder to get into my hands, mainly because they get sold out just that rapidly. I do not thoughts waiting in the least, either. It is normally a welcome sight when I know UPS is bringing me some thing from ZT. And, I’m never ever disappointed, when I unbox a new design and style. Several readers ask me to assessment larger-finish knives, and I do my finest to accompany these requests, but there are only so quite a few knives that fall into this category. I  do assessment a lot of common production knives from Kershaw, and they make some outstanding knives, that are extra than reasonably priced, and will get the job performed, no doubt about it.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0452CF KnifeA small history is in order: The original ZT 0454 was an award-winning collaboration amongst ZT and custom knife maker, Dimitry Sinkevich, but it was only a pretty restricted edition run that sold out rapidly. Nonetheless, fans of ZT knives wanted a single, so then came the the 0452CF version. The 0452CF is the exact same size as the original 0454 but with the substitution of carbon fiber deal with scales on the deal with, and the blade is produced out of S35VN hi-tech stainless steel. The blade has a dual finish. This hi-tech stainless steel sharpens simply and holds an edge a great extended time and no worries about the edge chipping — like a lot lesser stainless steel blades do. I like that ZT utilized their now-renowned KVT ball bearing opening program. This is super slick, to say the least — making use of the flipper extension on the blade — a uncomplicated press on the flipper and the blade opens with no work. A titanium frame lock keeps the blade locked open rock strong, and it also has a lockbar hardened stainless steel insert to guarantee a sold lock-up.

The blade is four.1-inches in length on this folder. And as currently talked about, it is produced completely in the USA.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0452CF KnifeThere is a reversible pocket clip for correct or left pocket carry, with the tip of the blade in the up position. The dual tone finish on the blade is stonewashed and satin —very eye catching, to say the least classy! The 0452CF only weighs in at four.three-oz, so it is a light-weight, simple to pack in your pocket and in quick order, you will overlook you have it clipped in your pocket. There is also a lanyard hole in the butt finish of the deal with,. That is a good touch. In my humble opinion, the 0452CF is a 1st-class gent’s folder, as properly as a properly-produced tactical folder — all in a single.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0452CF KnifeAs is my usual routine, I show a variety of knife samples about to the guys at my regional gun shop, and any prospects who are in there as properly. They all appreciate a properly-produced knife — just about every final a single of them. Plus, I show the knives to close friends, and I worth their opinions. Most mentioned “wow’ when they saw this folder and opened it — all commented how “class’ it was as properly — without having any prompting from me. 1st impressions say a lot, if a knife does not catch your interest, you are not going to want a single. Then, we have the guys who just have to test the edge most shave hair off their forearms, other people attain for a piece of paper, to see how properly it will slice it — no issues there — all ZT knives come shaving sharp correct out of the box.

I do my usual boring testing — cutting all sorts of material, such as blackberry vines — difficult stuff to slice via in a single swipe. Cardboard boxes, rope, plastic —just about something and all the things that can be reduce — gets reduce — such as perform about the kitchen and even at the dining area table. The ZT never ever failed me. I carried this folder every day for 3 weeks, and at the finish of my testing, the blade was only slightly dulled —a couple of minutes on the Croc Sticks had it back to the factory edge. I like a knife that holds an edge and is simple to re-sharpen without having any specific expertise.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0452CF KnifeWe all have to don’t forget that top quality never ever comes low-priced. You can invest in some low-priced knives, but in the finish, you will replace them, quite a few instances more than. When you obtain a top quality knife, if will be with you for a lifetime of service. The ZT 0452CF catalogs at $300 complete-retail, but you can locate them for a small much less. For instance, presently Zero Tolerance has them specially priced on at $242, with the bonuses of each a nylon belt pouch and a Sharpi brand compact diamond sharpener. If you cannot locate a single discounted, they are nevertheless worth just about every red cent of the retail asking value. And, you will have a folder that is classy — a Gent’s Folder – as properly as a single that is tactical all in a single.

You will not be disappointed in the least with this ZT folder. Father’s Day is coming up, so drop some hints to the little ones and spouse. Wwho knows, they may possibly just invest in a single for you. And they would make a fantastic birthday present or Christmas present.


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