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October 22nd, 2019

21st Century Hydro Press and Arbor Press Critique with Videos

21st Century Shooting Hydro Press Hydraulic Arbor Press bullet seating

Hydro Press and Arbor Press from 21st Century Shooting

Gear Critique by F-Class John
Inline dies, employed with arbor presses, continue to dominate the globe of precision reloading. Even though arbor presses have remained largely unchanged, 21st Century Shooting gives the Hydro Bullet Seating Press, a radical departure from your typical arbor press. If you are hunting for enhanced “feel” and feedback on bullet seating stress, you must unquestionably verify out the Hydro Press. This style has been about for a when now but has remained unchallenged considering the fact that its inception. The 21st Century Hydro Press nevertheless remains a category leader (and the decision of numerous best competitors) for superior cause.

Arbor presses have traditionally worked by working with a gear-driven ram operated with a rotating deal with. This makes it possible for for a compact style but generally lacks the tactile really feel and smooth operation that numerous reloaders want. The 21st Century Hydro Bullet Seater functions by working with easy mechanical leverage coupled with a hydraulic stress gauge to seat bullets in a smooth motion all when assisting you retain track of seating pressures.

21st Century Shooting Hydro Press Hydraulic Arbor Press bullet seating

Editor: Lots of best shooters think they can seat bullets with higher precision working with the 21st Century Hydro Press. I personally get far more constant seating, which appears to enhance accuracy and even enable a bit with lowering ES. The Hydro Press offers you outstanding feedback when seating bullets. That has helped me detect a case with also considerably neck tension, or a case that may well have doughnut troubles. When the gauge does a thing odd or spikes, you are alerted to a achievable challenge.

In this video, John Perkins of 21st Century Shooting Shows how the Hydro Seater functions.

You may well be asking why or how easy a easy mechanical lever offers you an benefit more than gear driven systems and the answer is easy, leverage. The Hydro Seater is equipped with a lengthy arm that comes straight up and out from the front and utilizes a set of hinges that connect to the ram. This elongated arm supplies lots of leverage enabling effortless force modulation. This smoothly applies stress to the seating die in 1 fluid motion. This transfer of energy aids seat bullets smoothly in even the tightest of necks with no any jerky or stuttering movements.

Operating at the similar time is a hydraulic stress gauge working with internal oil. I identified this gauge was extremely sensitive, correct, and repeatable compared to spring-driven gauges. The Hydro gauge study-out actually offers the user the likelihood to sort ammo by seating stress must they decide on. In my distinct case I only use it to cull out noticeably higher or low ones as “blow off” rounds and am completely satisfied if the rest fall inside a offered stress variety. The good point is that the press makes it possible for you to be as picky as you want.

21st Century Shooting Hydro Press Hydraulic Arbor Press bullet seatingCompact 21st Century Normal Arbor Press
Not to be outdone by its huge brother, 21st Century gives a Normal Arbor Press as nicely, in each appropriate-hand and left-hand versions. Affordably priced at $108.99, this modest arbor press in created to the similar exacting requirements as the Hydro Seater and has some good attributes of its personal compared to other modest arbors.

The huge, knurled adjustment knob is 1 of my preferred attributes. It tightens securely, however it makes it possible for for effortless raising or lowering of the head unit with no the want for hex wrenches. 21st Century’s standard arbor press also has a slightly canted lever arm which makes it possible for the user to apply stress far more simply and regularly compared to some other arbor presses. Even though this press is modest sufficient to match numerous variety bags, it can be disassembled speedily with a single Allen wrench.

Even though I personal the 21st Century Hydro Press for use at residence, the Normal Arbor Press goes with me to out-of-town events, so I can adjust bullet seating depth at the match. I enjoy working with it for this goal considering the fact that the small press is so effortless to transport, and then set up and use on the road. The seating action is smooth, and there is lots of leverage.

Seating my bullets lengthy prior to I travel offers me the potential to set them to adjust for any throat erosion that may well happen. This also guarantees my bullets are seated properly, by eliminating any prospective bullet weld or complications from the bullets accidentally bouncing in your luggage. I like the self-assurance of realizing that my bullets are appropriately seated prior to a huge match, in particular when it has been days or weeks considering the fact that I loaded them.

SUMMARY — 21st Century Tends to make Excellent Bullet Seating Presses

Whether or not you want a premium bullet-seating Press such as the Hydro Bullet Seater or a standard, effortless-to-transport Arbor Press, 21st Century Shooting has a outstanding choice for you. The Hydro Press gives outstanding bullet seating “feel” and consistency, with an ultra-smooth operation. The standard Arbor Press is nicely-created, compact, and also yields outstanding benefits. Each these presses are constructed for a lifetime of use, working with higher-high-quality components.

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