50+ Bug Out Bag Meals Concepts


We can go around three weeks without having meals ahead of dying.  But, let’s be sincere right here: I get cranky and tired immediately after going without having meals for even half a day!

That is why I consider it is so essential to add some survival meals to your Bug Out Bag (aka Go Bag).

A Bug Out Bag is meant for your survival, so each and every item ought to be selected with care.  This involves the meals for your Bug Out Bag.  Right here are the specifications I have when deciding on Bug Out Bag meals.

*If you are new the concept of Bug Out Bags, right here are some articles to get you began:

Caloric Density

You definitely do not want heavy meals things in your Bug Out Bag.  But deciding upon lightweight foods is not a option either.  What you want to appear for are meals things with a higher caloric density.  This suggests that they have a lot of calories for their weight (calories/ounce).

An ounce of fat includes 240 calories.  An ounce of protein includes 100 calories. And an ounce of carbohydrates also has about 100 calories.  So, fatty foods are fantastic selections for your Bug Out Bag meals. *Study this post for tips on how to reduce weight from your Bug Out Bag.


Caloric density is calories per ounce.  Size refers to the calories per volume.  You do not want a lot of significant, bulky things taking up space in your BOB which you require for other essential things.

Nutritional and Power Worth

This requirement is debatable.  I know a lot of thru-hikers who do not give a damn about nutrition.

For instance, I know 1 hiker who virtually subsists off of Pringles due to the fact they are lightweight and have enormous amounts of calories.

He hikes for weeks at a time, whereas a Bug Out Bag is meant for about two-7 days of travel.

On the other hand, for me personally, I know that I do not do extremely effectively when I consume junk foods.  Consuming sugary foods (which involves starchy foods) causes blood sugar levels to spike and then immediately drop.

You certainly do not want your power levels to drop when you are in an evacuation scenario (adrenaline can only fuel you for so lengthy).

The finest Bug Out Bag foods for sustaining your power levels are proteins and fat.  They maintain your blood sugar levels extra steady so you do not get power spikes and subsequent drops.

Preparation Needs

In an evacuation scenario, you will not have time to cease and cook a meal.  So, your Bug Out Bag meals ought to be prepared to consume and call for no preparation.

Shelf Life

No 1 desires to verify on the contents of their Bug Out Bag every single week.  So, you require meals that you can place in your Bug Out Bag and neglect about it.  Okay – you shouldn’t entirely neglect about it.  Ideally your Bug Out Bag meals will have a shelf life of at least six months and you will rotate it ahead of it goes poor.

Bug Out Bag Meals Concepts

Protein-Wealthy Bug Out Bag Foods

  1. Beef jerky
  2. Pemmican (study how to make pemmican right here)
  3. Tuna pouches
  4. Sport power gels
  5. Packets of peanut butter
  6. Salami
  7. Mettwurst
  8. Kabanos
  9. Meat paste (just add water)
  10. Dehydrated hummus (just add water)
  11. Dehydrated bean paste (just add water)

Nuts, Seeds and Fatty Bug Out Bag Foods

  1. Almonds (160 calories/ounce)
  2. Cashews (160 calories/ounce)
  3. Brazil nuts (184 calories/ounce)
  4. Pistachios, shelled (160 calories/ounce)
  5. Walnuts (183 calories/ounce)
  6. Peanuts (170 calories/ounce)
  7. Sunflower seeds (173 calories/ounce)
  8. Pepitas (126 calories/ounce)
  9. Avocado powder
  10. Packets of olive oil
  11. Difficult, aged cheeses in wax coatings

Meals Bars

  1. Millenium bars – Get on Amazon
  2. ProBar – Get on Amazon
  3. Cliff Bars – Get on Amazon
  4. Honey Stinger bars – Get on Amazon
  5. Bear Valley Pemmican bar
  6. Hooah Power bars
  7. Larabar – Buy on Amazon
  8. Emergency meals ration bars –Buy on Amazon


Add-to-Water Bug Out Bag Foods

  1. Resource two. meal replacement shake
  2. Med Pass two. meal replacement shake
  3. Mighty Shake
  4. Enhance Plus shake
  5. Assure Plus shake
  6. Powdered milk
  7. Whey powder

Carb-Wealthy Bug Out Bag Foods

  1. Trail mix/GORP
  2. Banana chips
  3. Dark chocolate
  4. Snickers bars
  5. Twix peanut butter bars
  6. Tootsie rolls
  7. Peanut M&ampMs
  8. Kit Kat bar
  9. Pop tarts
  10. Nutella
  11. Sesame bars
  12. Dried fruit
  13. Fruit leather
  14. Chocolate pretzels
  15. Cook-in-the-Pouch meals (Mountain Property tends to make some fantastic ones that you can acquire right here)

What foods do you have in your Bug Out Bag?  Let us know in the comments.

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