Assessment: IWI Masada 9mm Pistol


IWI Masada 9mm Pistol

Amongst the additional fascinating handguns I have reviewed in the prior couple of years is the IWI Masada. A production of Israeli Weapons Market, the Masada is a striker-fired, polymer-framed handgun.

The pistol is completely ambidextrous. The slide lock and magazine release are on every single side. This tends to make for superior combat utility. Whilst I might not be my very best with the non-dominant hand, the controls are equally constructive on either side of the handgun.

I like the place of the magazine release. Whilst it is recessed to an extent, it is quickly to manipulate. The slide lock is protected by a shelf on the frame beneath the slide lock. I have observed lots of shooters enable their thumb to ride into the slide lock through recoil.

It will not come about with this firearm. The trigger action is tight with a break of five.five pounds. The action is exceptional compared to other striker-fired handguns. The front and rear grip straps are covered in skateboard tape-like rasping, but not practically as offensive.

The sides of the deal with are treated as properly. This grip frame presents superior abrasion and adhesion. There is a slight curve in the backstrap. Finger indents slightly shorten trigger attain.

The frame and grip are made to make for a reduced bore axis than most striker-fired handguns. The higher-visibility sights are exceptional styles. They function white 3-dot inserts. There are 3 frame inserts to accommodate lots of hand sizes.

IWI Masada Design and style

IWI Masada 9mm Pistol
The polymer-framed, striker-fired Masada is a initially-class defensive handgun.

The hammer-forged barrel attributes polygonal rifling. The barrel is four.1 inches lengthy. The pistol has a robust heavy-duty extractor. The slide attributes each forward and rear-cocking serrations. They are necessary, as the pistol attributes a heavy recoil spring.

This tends to make racking the slide additional hard, but on the other hand, the pistol was comfy to fire with +P and +P+ ammunition. The frame attributes a rail for mounting a combat light. The trigger guard is substantial sufficient for gloved hand use and squared at the front.

I specifically like the takedown sequence. I discover manipulating the lever handier than the GLOCK-form takedown. The trigger ought to be pressed and the piece de-cocked to field strip the handgun.

Note: Humans misplace their keys, stub their toes and overlook to zip their trousers. Be alert and mindful when fieldstripping any handgun. Let the initially step be checking to be particular the handgun is not loaded. Do it the NRA way by checking the magazine properly initially and then the chamber. There are mental components and there are mental operations. Keep sharp!

Other Specs and Characteristics

The pistol is chambered for the 9mm Luger. The magazines hold 17 rounds. The final couple of cartridges are hard to load. That is superior, as sturdy magazine springs make sure feed reliability. A major plus is that the pistol is optics-prepared.

A cover on the frame, amongst the rear sight and ejection port, is removed and replaced with the suitable mount. An additional benefit is that the Masada is supplied with 4 polymer plates to accommodate a quantity of red dots.

Slide cover removed
This is the slide with the cover removed.


Masada slide cover
This is the original slide cover.

There is no consistency that tends to make mounting a red dot easier—all have unique footprints and use a unique mount. I applied the Burris Rapid Fire three through this evaluation, but relied mostly on the sights for initial combat firing.

I added the red dot toward the finish of the test plan. I started the evaluation with a superior provide of Winchester 115-grain FMJ ammunition. With the magazines loaded, I faced the targets, drawing from an Uncle Mike’s belt slide.

Burris Fast Fire window
The Burris Rapid Fire presents a wide window.

Really feel and Function

The Masada is a comfy handgun to fire and use. The trigger is smooth with a constructive reset. The sights offer you exceptional visibility. The pistol was correct sufficient for individual defense properly previous 25 yards.

Most of the function with the USA Prepared loads was quickly function on man-sized targets at seven, 10 and 15 yards. This handgun responds properly to a educated shooter. Recoil is modest and muzzle flip low. The trigger resets speedily. The pistol shoots properly.

Masada safety lever
The Masada attributes a security lever set in the trigger face.

The inevitable comparison is to a GLOCK handgun. The sights are preferable to GLOCKs and so is the trigger action, and I like the takedown superior. We will have to see what form of service the Masada provides, but IWI is recognized for reputable tools.

The pistol was fired from a standing benchrest at a lengthy 25 yards with Winchester’s correct and reputable 147-grain PDX loading. When I took my time and did every little thing appropriate, the pistol place 5 holes into much less than 3 inches. The piece is a lot correct.

Testing It

Adding the Red Dot was straightforward sufficient and achieved in a matter of minutes.  Remove the plate, mount the suitable red dot plate to the sight, and tighten it down. With the Burris Rapid Fire three installed, the Masada remains a compact and quickly-handling handgun.

Burris Fast Fire TRUGLO
With the Burris Rapid Fire three and TRUGLO combat light mounted, the Masada is prepared for company.

I loaded the magazines with Winchester Prepared and zeroed in on man-sized targets at seven yards. The pistol is really quickly and, with the red dot mounted, hits had been speedy. Moving to 15 yards, it took a couple of rounds to get the pistol sighted in.

Firing in a slower cadence, the pistol proved really correct and the outcomes had been superior. I also fired a quantity of the Winchester 115-grain Silvertip and the Winchester 124-grain PDX +P with superior outcomes.

IWI Masada with ammo
The Masada and Winchester ammunition had been a superior mixture.


The Israelis stick to a rugged creed of self-defense with a stock of constructive applications. They also offer you a superior potion of red corpuscles along with their styles. The Masada is an exceptional selection for individual defense or service use.

What do you consider of the Masada? Have you applied any IWI firearms just before? Let us know in the comments under.


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