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Happy 1022 day Ruger

Ruger 10/22s have been about for more than a half-century, with millions sold in the continuously evolving design and style


Initial introduced in 1964, the Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle has been developed in the millions and is nonetheless going robust.

Bill Ruger’s semi-automatic .22LR rifle was light, weighing in at just five-pounds with an American walnut stock, and had a layout equivalent to the M1 Carbine. Billed as the “ultimate in logical design” when it was very first introduced, the gun’s exceptional 10-shot detachable rotary magazine fits flush in the stock, a function that competitor’s plinkers did not present. The 18.five-inch barrel developed a handy carbine-length rifle that went just 37-inches all round.

The 10/22 was an immediate hit and has by no means been out of production considering the fact that it was introduced 55 years ago, such as versions chambered in .22 WMR and .17HMR. An upscaled carbine chambered in .44 Magnum was pitched as a nation brush gun. A pistol version of the gun, the Charger, was released.

This circa 1980 10/22 in the Guns.com Vault carries a three-6x variable Weaver scope and military-style leather sling. Note the checkered walnut stock. Though almost 40 years old, the design and style is not as well far various from today’s NIB guns.

Ruger 10/22

With a serial quantity that puts it inside the 1992 production block, this 10/22 appears fundamentally the very same as the above, while with fewer add-ons. Speaking of which, it would be challenging to discover a rimfire rifle with much more aftermarket choices.

10/22 takedown

This newer 10/22 Takedown model can rapidly and simply be separated into two pieces for practical storage and transportation although the straightforward reassembly guarantees shooting consistency.

When very first introduced through the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson, the 10/22 retailed for $54.50, which, when adjusted for inflation, is about $450 smackers in today’s dollar. The neat factor about that is brand new fundamental model 10/22s can be had for just $199 these days. 

$199 Ruger 10/22

The barrel is cold hammer-forged for longevity and straightforward cleaning and secured with a exceptional two-screw V-block program although the heat-stabilized glass-filled polymer trigger housing assembly is influence and abrasion resistant and created to withstand the components. Other options contain a mixture scope base adapter for Weaver-style and tip-off scope mounts. That is a lot of bang for below $200.

Readily available in a plethora of stock choices and finishes, the 10/22 tends to make a ideal rifle for plinking or little-game hunting. Today’s versions contain Carbine, Takedown, Sporter, Tactical, and Competitors models. Some packages contain spinning targets or are guns saluting America’s farmers or come with International-style complete-length wooden stocks.

As varied as the nation from sea to shining sea, you could say. Give the folks what they want.



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