Champion Vanquish Pro Electronic Hearing Protection


Champion's Vanquish Electronic Pro
Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

U.S.A. –-( Gun owners are generally a pretty passionate group: passionate about political challenges threatening our rights, passionate about the most up-to-date and greatest items, even passionate about debating the merits and demerits of this brand versus that brand.  One particular aspect of shooting that appears to get significantly less consideration than quite a few other people nonetheless, is private protective gear.  This covers such products as eye protection, ear protection, and gloves.  Lately, I’ve been covering hearing protection, which continues nowadays with Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro hearing protection (hereafter Vanquish Pro).

Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

Champion Vanquish Pro
Champion’s Vanquish Electronic Pro

The Vanquish Pro is the mid-line providing to Champion’s new Vanquish line, sandwiched by the Vanquish (no Bluetooth), and the Vanquish Pro Elite (Bluetooth and active noise cancellation), amongst other variations.  Let’s verify the tech specs on the Vanquish Pro, as per Champion’s web page.

  • Protected Level Sound Compression Technologies
  • Acoustic Foam for All Day Comfort
  • Sound Refresh Time &lt1ms
  • two Complete Dynamic Variety Higher Definition Speakers
  • three Omni-directional Microphones
  • 5x Amplification
  • 150-Hour Run time**
  • three Hour Automatic Shut Off
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB
  • Accessible in Blue or Gray
  • AAA Batteries Integrated
    • **With out Bluetooth active. With Bluetooth, active 60-hour runtime.

Now let’s cover variety time impressions.  One particular of the initially factors I noticed when comparing the Vanquish Pro to the (quite a few, quite a few) other sets of ear muffs I have is the distinctive shape.  Far more like a capital “D” than a capital “O”, the Vanquish Pro a lot more accurately mimics the shape of a human ear.  This truly keeps the housing from protruding additional forward than required, decreasing the likelihood of interference amongst a buttstock and ear protection.  Good!

Champion Vanquish Pro
Far more like a capital “D” than a capital “O”, the Vanquish Pro a lot more accurately mimics the shape of a human ear.

The electronics can be broken down into a handful of sections, so let’s cover them one particular at a time.

  • Initial, the audio top quality.  In a word, outstanding.  The “Full Dynamic Variety Higher Definition” speakers create a definitely very good sound top quality.
  • The sound compression (cutting off loud sounds) is definitely quick.  Typically you can hear the circuit close just a fraction of a second immediately after a gunshot, whereas the Vanquish Pro cuts off the noise and gets the volume back to exactly where you set it like a bolt of lightning. &lt1ms is the advertised price, and although I do not have a laboratory prepared to confirm that by empirical requirements, I can say that it is noticeably more quickly than the Howard Leight Influence Sport set I (and a substantial quantity of other shooters) use routinely.
  • Bluetooth.  I do not use it generally, as my top rated shooting spots are outdoors of cell telephone variety.  There are instances, nonetheless, that I definitely want to sling some G’N’R or Metallica into my ears although operating targets back and forth on a lengthy-variety.  Connection with the Vanquish Pro was as uncomplicated as Bluetooth is supposed to be, even though generally is not.
  • The omnidirectional microphones function nicely.  I had one particular of my youngsters out for a shooting lesson, and at no time did I have difficulty locating his precise path by sound alone.  Although keeping visual security for the duration of shooting is paramount, it was good that my aural sense wasn’t dampened at all by implies of becoming protected from harm.

Just as critical as the electronics themselves in headsets such as these is the shape of the ear cup and the material made use of.  The Vanquish Pro utilizes acoustic foam in an ear cup that is soft sufficient to definitely type to my head.  Straining my neck in all directions is not sufficient to get the headset to “break seal” and let a blast of noise in.  I get aftermarket gel cups for most of my electronic headsets, but will not need to have them for these.  Applying eye protection (Gatorz ANSI Z87+ rated Magnums) that have flattened earpieces with the Vanquish Pro leads to breaking the ear seal a lot significantly less generally than with eye pro that have a lot more rounded earpieces.

One particular aspect of earmuffs that most do not look at till it is also late is the strength with which the headset snuggles your cranium.  As well a lot stress generally causes discomfort and headaches, although also tiny leaves your ear pro floppy and ineffective, or even falling off when moving.  The Vanquish Pro straddles the middle of the line and has shown comfy to put on for hours at a time.

Champion Vanquish Pro
Bottom line:  the Vanquish Pro operates, and operates nicely.

Bottom line:  the Vanquish Pro operates, and operates nicely.  This is a sturdy entry into the electronic hearing protection marketplace by Champion.  The retail price tag on these from Champion is $124.95, with street price tag currently down to $109.99 elsewhere.  As with any new item, I’d count on the price tag to come down even a lot more in coming months.  As it stands, the Vanquish line from Champion is undoubtedly worth taking a appear at, and maintaining an eye on.

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