Cleaned and Prepped .308 Win Brass



I have an ammo can complete of .308 Win brass that I saved when I had a .308.  I got into reloading and then got rid of my .308.  I am guessing that this is about 400-450 brass.  The complete box weighs about 11.two lbs.  This has all been tumbled, lubed and ran by means of a sizing die.  About 99% of this has also noticed a case length trimmer.

I’d like to trade for some other brass, bullets, or come up with your personal offer you.  A huge bucket of dirty brass would be good, but I’m not truly searching for something super specific.  The worst I can say is no.  If you are providing supplies to trade, calibers I have are .223, six.five creedmoor, and 9mm.

Text is ideal please!  If you would like a get in touch with just send me a text and I will get in touch with you when I can.


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