Constructing a Dark Age Viking Property: Bushcraft, Hand Tools, Vikings


We create a bushcraft viking property from the dark age applying hand tools only. Inspired by vikings, who have been incredibly resourceful and made buildings applying the all-natural components they scavenged about them. We made use of very simple hand tools such as axe, saw, auger, drawknife, bushcraft knife and other very simple tools.
To start with we reduce cedar logs from trees that had been felled in the forest. We made use of an axe and saw to make log cabin notches and constructed the foundation of the viking property two logs higher. We then made use of the hand auger to create the timber frame. This consisted of three substantial “A” frames. We burnt the ends of the logs in fire to evaporate any moisture and develop a rot-proof layer of charred wood which will aid to preserve the timber frame foundation when the poles are in the ground. We made use of a lengthy cedar log as the ridge pole which sits on best of the a frame of the bushcraft shelter. The subsequent stage was creating a viking longpit or firepit. This we wanted to make as historically correct as we could. So we dug a pit about four feet lengthy and two feet wide. We lined the pit with substantial stones discovered in the nearby location. In order to decrease waste of any components, we made use of the clay from the pit to safe the stones. We added water to the clay to make it simpler to perform with and we filled in the gaps in between the stones. We then lit a smaller fire in the pit and let the clay dry out for a couple of days. At this point we realised we could make our job simpler by creating a diy saw horse. So we made use of the drawknife to get rid of bark from a log (aids to stop rot). We made use of the auger to drill 4 holes for legs and then we produced 4 wood pegs for the best of the saw horse. For the rafters we made use of extra cedar logs and once more burnt the ends. It is an ancient japanese strategy to preserve wood which is referred to as shou sugi ban.
It was then lastly time to create the roof of the property. For this, we peeled the bark off the cedar logs. We then place this on the rafters and secured it with some roofing tacks. We had to be quickly when performing this, as the cedar bark shrinks and cracks when it dries. We place it on in layers like roof tiles. We constructed a wood ladder to get up higher on the roof and safe the final bark layers.
Employing an axe and bushcraft, we produced some wooden wedges and split a couple of substantial cedar logs. We then hewed these logs and constructed a raised viking bed for the inside of the property. We also produced some benches to sit close to the fire. At the back of the viking property, we constructed a folding window and assistance arm so that we could let light into the property and also boost the airflow. We dug an air vent also, to permit extra oxygen to get to the fire. To make the shelter extra safe, we constructed a perimeter wall use cedar posts and hazel saplings (also identified as wattle wall). To aid additional boost the airflow inside the shelter, we reduce a hole in the roof and constructed a ridge cap or ridge vent to act like a chimney and let the smoke out. General this viking property took about 10 days to create. It was in winter, so we have been restricted by daylight hours. This is not a historically right viking property. Classic viking homes have been constructed with substantial timbers that have been hewn from massive logs. They had substantial gable ends virtually like log cabins and the roof was produced from wood shingles. Generally they looked like viking longships or longboats and had quite a few decorative viking options. In a viking longhouse, there would be adequate area for quite a few people today and animals as effectively. But this was our take on it.
We have carried out a quantity of diverse camping overnight trips in this shelter. We have cooked meat more than fire, had fantastic viking feasts and spent quite a few hours maintaining warm about the firepit. I hope you enjoyed this vikings inspired bushcraft create. To watch the complete series of person episodes (exactly where we speak and clarify what we are performing) then please stick to hyperlinks under.

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