Do A lot more Guns Truly Imply A lot more Gun Violence?


More than the least quarter-century, the debate about guns and gun violence has coalesced into two camps. 1 camp, let’s get in touch with it the ‘guns are good’ (GAG) camp, says that guns shield us from violence and crime. The other camp, let’s get in touch with it the ‘guns are bad’ (GAB) camp, says that guns lead to much more violence and crime. The GAG has been led by our pal John Lott.  The GAB has been led by our pal David Hemenway. Today’s column will examine the argument produced by the GAB.

In several articles plus a nicely-recognized and oft-cited book, Hemenway claims that the price of violent crime is no unique in between the U.S. and other ‘advanced’ nation-states. On the other hand, the U.S. has a substantially larger price of fatal, violent crime, a distinction brought on by the private ownership of some 300 million guns.

and other public-wellness researchers refer to their strategy as making an
‘epidemiology’ of gun violence i.e., figuring out exactly where (geographically)  and when (numerically) this specific kind
of injury happens. Regrettably, the comparison he tends to make in between the U.S. and
other ‘advanced’ nations is incorrect on each counts.

If Hemenway
and his public wellness cohorts basically think that comparing any wellness occasion
in a nation of 320 million men and women with yet another nation that holds 1-tenth
that population or much less provides us any insights into how to deal with that
specific wellness challenge, then all I can say is that you can use numbers to
prove something you want.  Of the 34
nations at the moment in the OECD, ten have a total population of much less than 30 million. Does anybody
truly think that we can come up with a valid explanation about something
if we evaluate what takes place in the U.S. to what goes on, for instance, in
Luxembourg, whose total population is .001 % of ours?

covers an region of 998 square miles, which takes place to be 1-fifth the size of
Connecticut. If you stuck Luxembourg into Montana, it would be a tiny speck.
And but Hemenway and other GAB researchers want us to think that a
cross-national comparison in between the United States and a nation like
Luxembourg really should be the basis on which we create ‘reasonable’ national gun
laws, appropriate?

argument breaks down even additional when we overlook cross-national comparisons and
just appear at the price of violent crime inside the United States. According to the FBI-UCR, the U.S.
violent crime price in 2017 was 394 per 100K. But this quantity, specifically the
much more than 17,000 homicides which contribute 1.three% of the crimes to the all round
quantity of violent crimes, is also rather meaningless when discussed in worldwide

In truth,
on a regional basis, the homicide price of five.three breaks down like this: Northeast
– three.five Midwest – five.7 South – six.four West – four.five. 
Taken with each other, the 15 Southern states represent virtually half the total
homicides of the nation as a complete.  The
Northeast, on the other hand, represents just 11% of all homicides, despite the fact that
the total regional population is just about half the quantity of men and women living in
the South.

evaluate the all round price of gun violence in the U.S. to other nations is
essentially a false comparison precisely since the murder prices in unique
components of our nation differ to such an intense degree. If Hemenway and his public
wellness study colleagues want to pretend they are making an ‘epidemiology’
of gun violence, they really should cease speaking about a ‘national crisis’ and start off
seeking at what the numbers truly say. What the numbers truly say is that we
have a extreme public wellness challenge known as ‘gun violence’ which shows up most
regularly in the Southern states.

mail-list involves all the public wellness researchers who assistance the GAB
thought. If any of them want to reply to this column, I’ll gladly post their words
appropriate right here. But if there’s 1 point which appears to unite practically the whole
neighborhood of gun-violence public wellness researchers, it is their obsessive
wish to stay clear of any public debate about their personal perform. So we’ll see what we


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