In this episode, we sit down the David Merrill. He’s a writer for Breach Bang Clear, Recoil Magazine, and a handful of other tactical rags I’m certain you have heard of.

As a former Marine and foreign weapons instructor, he’s got to chops to inform us about gear and true globe use. So if you have been wanting to kit up, or just really like gear, sit back and unwind.

Subjects discussed:

  • What do you appear for in physique armor?
  • Is it much more comfort or much more protection?
  • What are the levels of plate carries, physique armor, and bullet proof vests?
  • What are the greatest mag pouches?
  • How do you combine the use of HSGI soft magazine pouches and Kydex mag holders?
  • Why drop-leg holsters suck?
  • How valuable are battle belts?
  • What’s the greatest eye protection?
  • What do you do about hearing protection?
  • Really should individuals really invest in tactical helmets?
  • The tactical neckerchief.
  • Why do shamans suck?
  • What are David’s gear pet peeves?

Highlights from the episode:

“Have your initially mag… your major position magazine… be in a kydex or ITW rapidly mag […] have your initially load be in a kydex or comparable pouch […] since obtaining that mag out is faster than shit.”

“Those guys can _____ their wives although holding their rifles it is crazy!”