Minden, Nevada–based Franklin Armory will quickly introduce a new firearms solution for shooters trapped in California. The corporation says the new extended gun for the Golden State will be neither “featureless” or “mag locked.” The Title 1&#x2122 will make its debut at the NASGW show tomorrow.

According to a corporation release, “The Franklin Armory Title 1&#x2122 was made for our buddies behind enemy lines exactly where the contemporary sporting rifle is neutered beyond comprehension. Whilst fixed magazine and featureless platforms will continue to have their spot, Title 1&#x2122 offers a complete-function solution to the customer in restrictive jurisdictions. It has a regular magazine release, and even though it ships with a 10-round magazine, civilians can use legally acquired 30-round magazines with Title 1&#x2122.”

Franklin Armory additional touts the Title 1:

  • For the reason that it is not a rifle, shotgun, or pistol, it can not be defined as an Assault Weapon in CA
  • Normal push button magazine release
  • Usable with legally owned regular capacity magazines
  • three points of speak to such as padded cheek weld
  • Can be made use of with any flash hider or compensator
  • 100% American created

Franklin Armory also tends to make the CA7, which the corporation calls “the only California Roster authorized AR.”