Major five Super Combo Survival Tools That Could Save Your Life.


You shouldn’t feel that you have to be reliant on tools to survive in the wilderness. So extended as you study how to use organic sources to your benefit, you can survive out in the wilderness with actually practically nothing other than the garments on your back.

But nonetheless, there’s definitely no denying that tools can assistance make your survival efforts substantially much easier. That is why carrying compact and but versatile tools in your survival kit, bug out bag, in your automobile, or as your particular person as component of your every day carry (EDC) is so vital – so that you usually have at least some thing with you for if and when you unexpectedly come across oneself in a survival scenario.

In this post, we are going to cover 5 of the really greatest ‘super combo tools’ on the market place now, or survival tools that every consist of various distinctive tools in one particular, and every of which actually could save your life for when the going gets challenging.

Every of the ‘super combo tools’ that we are going to cover right here now meets the following criteria:

  • They are really versatile and comprise of several distinctive valuable tools in one particular
  • They are reasonably priced and very easily offered
  • They are higher high-quality and constructed out of sturdy and rugged supplies
  • They are every compact, lightweight, and very easily transportable

With all that mentioned, let’s get began. Right here are the prime 5 super combo tools that could save your life in a survival scenario:

Combar Heavy Duty Multi Tool

Combar Heavy Duty Multi Tool
With a spade, a hammer, and a folding axe all in one particular, the Combar is created for the most heavy duty of survival-connected tasks.

The Combar Heavy Duty Multi Tool is a heavy duty super tool created to be as heavy duty and versatile as probable, even though also becoming produced to military specifications.

This multi tool primarily offers you 3 tools in one particular: a spade, a hammer (along with the magazine insert), and a folding axe.

These tools are constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and glass reinforced plastic for the handles. Not only could you use it for defense if you had to, you could also use it for shelter constructing, creating latrines, chopping wood or splitting kindling, digging trenches, ice choosing, survival gardening, and so on.

Via it all, the complete Combar weighs just three.two pounds even with all 3 tools with each other. This tends to make it an very easily transportable tool that you can carry about in your backpack or even on your belt by your hip.

Holtzman’s Survival Kit Paracord Grenade

Holtzman’s Survival Kit Paracord Grenade
The Holtzman’s Grenade consists of 48 survival products inside the ‘grenade,’ in addition to forty 5 feet of paracord wrapped about the outdoors.

Initially of all, no, this is not actually a true grenade. But that does not imply that the Holtzman’s will not blow you away.

The Holtzman’s Paracord Grenade is primarily a whopping forty eight distinctive survival tools all in the exact same kit, in addition to fifty 5 feet of military grade paracord that wraps about the ‘grenade’ itself.

Feel of his way: the Holtzman Grenade can hold most of the vital survival tools you have to have in a transportable container, only it can do so in a way that is additional fashionable than a easy pack (you have to admit a grenade-shaped pack is additional exceptional than a typical shoulder pack, proper?)

Examples of survival products that the Holtzman Grenade keeps inside it involves a fire starter, LED flashlight, razor blade, fishing hooks, pocket knife, compass, thread and needle, and so on.

Not only would the Holtzman be a fantastic addition to your survival kit or bug out automobile, it would also make an fantastic present for practically anybody else amongst your relatives or buddies who is into the outdoors.

Even just the paracord alone is a extremely sensible survival item, simply because it can be made use of for shelter constructing, rappelling down steeper cliffs, setting traps and snares, fashioning a splint more than an injured limb, and so forth.

Iunio Military Transportable Folding Shovel and Pickax

Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickaxe
The Iunio is very easily one particular of the most multi-functional survival shovels on the market place now.

A different hugely vital survival item to have will a folding shovel, which you can use for digging trenches (such as for shelters or latrines) and for close quarters self-defense against men and women or unsafe game.

The Iunio Military Folding Shovel and Pickax combo is a 31 inch folding shovel that is created especially for outside enthusiasts, irrespective of whether that be hunters, campers, RVers, hikers, scouts, military personnel, off-roaders, and so on.

But the Iunio also comes installed with a assortment of added survival tools that will be really useful as properly, which includes: shovel board, saw, bottle opener, fire bar, emergency whistle, fish scaler tool, hoe, and a hammer. It also comes with an extension bar that you can use to primarily extend it out to the length of a typical shovel, which ought to theoretically make it additional comfy to use.

Let’s place it this way: the Iunio is one particular of the most multi-functional folding shovel combos that are you probably to come across on the market place now, if not the most. On prime of the above, it is also really compact, transportable, and uncomplicated to carry. Stashing it away into the inside of a survival backpack, or otherwise lashing it securely to the outdoors, would not be complicated. You could alternatively retain it as a survival item in your automobile or at house.

Roxon CM1349 Spark Multitool Plier

Roxon CM1349 Spark Multitool Plier

The Roxon CM1349 Multitool is but yet another extremely versatile super survival tool, consisting of a flat screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, saw, knife, pliers, wire cutters, whistle, reamer, magnesium flint stone, awl, and a scrapper.

Also, the Roxon will let you to match all of these survival tools into your pocket. How cool is that? The manage of the Roxon is constructed out of nylon with a fiber plastic, which drastically assists to lessen weight even though not sacrificing also considerably durability.

The tools inside the Roxon, which includes the pliers and the knife, are coated with an oxidation resistant black coating that also led to a larger finish searching look.

The flint striker of the Rixon is hidden into the physique of the tool, but can be removed. You can then strike the knife or the sawtooth against it to scrape the flint off and get a fire going. But when the flint stone is held upside down, it turns into a whistle to signal for assistance.

The Roxon comes with a ten year warranty from the manufacturer as properly.

Sulkada Transportable Survival Gear Kit

Sulkada Portable Survival Gear Kit
The Sulkada is created to be a transportable survival kit that you can carry about in your pocket every day and neglect about.

The final survival ‘super combo tool’ that we will take a appear at now is the Sulkada Transportable Survival Gear Kit. As with the Roxon, the Sulkada is also really lightweight and compact, and can match straight into your pocket so you can carry it as an EDC item. Immediately after all, the weight of the Sulkada is below a quarter of a pound, and the length is just seven and a half inches.

The particular survival products that are supplied as a component of the Sulkada consist of a knife, flint stone, whistle, fishing tool, compass, window glass breaker, hanging rope, present box, and a bottle opener.

Every of these tools are constructed out of higher high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, with the exception of the glass breaker, which is constructed out of an even additional sturdy tungsten steel.

The Sulkada is generally created to be a transportable survival item that somebody can carry with them all through their day, neglect that they even have it on them, and then make use of for when the going gets challenging.


The 5 super combo tools that we have covered right here now will be immensely useful to you in any outside or wilderness survival scenario. They can assistance retain you alive, or at the really least will make your survival efforts much easier.


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