Max from New Mexico sends his “Minimalist Carry” pocket dump.  Courtesy Every day Carry.

He writes:

This is mine. Practically nothing incredibly specific . I do not normally carry the telephone I took the pics with, but I normally carry what you see.

He does hit the nail on the head with the minimal nature of his everyday gear.  A Ruger LCP in a pocket holster (this 1 by Meco).  That is unquestionably the way to carry that small gem.   It is kinda scary how he alternates in between hollowpoints and complete metal jacket ammo though…

I also see a handcuff crucial and a pair of P38s.  Or what appear like P38s (or 51s, or what ever).  Youngsters, you can google that to see how folks made use of to get into cans back in the day.

Also in his pocket, a small Swiss Army knife – the “Camper” version for these maintaining track.