Nigerian returnee: I fed on blood from my menstrual flow for survival in the desert | Legit Television


Nigerian returnee: I fed on blood from my menstrual flow for survival in the desert | Legit TV

Nigerian returnee: I fed on blood from my menstrual flow for survival in the desert | Legit Television

Amongst Nigerians who returned to the nation from Libya in 2018 was Aisha Jimoh, a 31-year-old single mum, who stated she went by means of hell throughout her 3 and a half year keep in the North African nation.
Legit television crew took a trip to Osogbo, Osun state, to speak with the NCE graduate, to shed much more light on her time in Libya, and how fellow Nigerians have been the architect of of their plight most of the time.
She even told us that she had to drink blood from her menstrual flow to be capable to survive in the desert.

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