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Welcome to the 2019 Secret Santa present exchange!

Its that fantastic time of year once again! ‘Tis the season for providing and spreading fantastic will!!!

In case any individual is not familiar, Secret Santa is a present-providing occasion. These interested in participating really should sign up as outlined under. I randomly assign a recipient to just about every Secret Santa participant. Absolutely everyone provides a present, and in turn, everybody receives one particular. It is a enjoyable surprise to obtain a present from an unexpected individual. Particularly, possibly, from an additional forum member with whom you could not be familiar or who may possibly even be from an additional portion of the nation or the planet!

Secret Santa Gifts can be something you consider a BCUSA member would adore to obtain. It can be a handmade or shop-purchased present of any worth. If you would like, you can search this thread to see if your assigned Recipient has a want list.

Upon signing up, really feel free of charge to post about a thing you could like to obtain. Nonetheless, there is no requirement for Secret Santa’s to give what has been wished for.

Wait! Maintain Reading Ahead of You Sign Up!!!

In order to make certain that everybody has enjoyable and gets a present, there require to be some suggestions.

1. Each participant should have a minimum of 100 posts right here on BCUSA to participate, should have been a member ahead of (or such as) February 2019, and be in fantastic standing from earlier Secret Santa events or the “Negative Trades” thread. Sorry, no exceptions. It is not my aim to exclude any individual nonetheless I reserve the appropriate to do so if I really feel it is important.

two. Each Secret Santa should ship a present to their assigned Recipient no later than December 1st, 2019. All gifts will be shipped with tracking. Secret Santa’s shall report the tracking quantity to me when they ship the present.

three. When you obtain your Secret Santa Present, please let me know appropriate away by way of e mail. Really feel free of charge to post in your thanks and images right here.

four. To sign up, post “I am In” right here in the 2018 Secret Santa thread. Then, send me an E mail which consists of your FORUM NAME and your Complete NAME &amp Address in the following format.

Firstname Lastname
123 Your Street
Town, State Zip

The E mail topic really should be “Secret Santa Sign Up”. Please do NOT send me PM’s right here on BCUSA. PM Sign-ups will not be honored. If you do not submit the right information, I cannot assure that you will obtain a present. SEND YOUR SIGN UP E mail TO: bcusasanta2017 at gmail dot com. Yes, 2017 is right. Please stick to this format. It tends to make points a lot less difficult for me behind the scenes.

five. By signing up for the Secret Santa Present Exchange, you formally agree to participate in a trade. If you fail to hold up your finish of the deal you agree to be named in the Negative TRADES THREAD. Just after that, I will let your peers choose what to do with you… DO NOT sign up if you cannot honor your finish of the deal.

six. Sign Up closes November 8th, 2019. I will randomly assign a Recipient to every single Secret Santa and send them out instantly thereafter.

7. No trading Recipients. No recipient requests. No exceptions.

eight. Please specify in your sign up e mail if you can only ship CONUS.

If, for any explanation, you can not commit to all of the Secret Santa Guidelines, please refrain from signing up. There will most likely be other seasonal events taking location that may possibly suit you improved. Any individual who fails to stick to via with their commitment to their fellow Secret Santa Participants will outcome in a truth-primarily based post in the “Negative Trades” thread exactly where they will be named. This will be a black and white policy.

If you would like to be a Santa’s Helper, please e mail me at the identical location. Santa’s helpers can support by offering a backup present in the occasion a Secret Santa drops the ball or they can support with an administrative favor.

Disclaimer: BCUSA and their affiliates are free of charge from any liability linked with this Secret Santa occasion. Participation is voluntary. As the organizer, I do not assume any threat or assure that Santa will provide. We are all operating on fantastic faith.



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