(WA – COURTS) Snohomish County judge guidelines against Edmonds gun storage law


A number of
residents sued more than Edmonds protected storage law, which calls for gun owners to lock
up their weapons.

lawsuit was backed by the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation, and was almost
identical to a current lawsuit filed more than Seattle’s personal protected storage law. Final a
year a King County judge tossed out that lawsuit out, while that choice
has given that been appealed.

Friday, a victory was scored for what’s been an ongoing battle against gun
storage laws.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge ruled (the protected storage) law is not legal
below our state preemption law, which we mentioned all along,” mentioned the 2nd
Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb.

state’s preemption law bars cities and counties from enacting tougher gun laws
than the state. And though that argument got guns rights activists nowhere in
Seattle, it appears it was really clear to a Snohomish County judge.

That mentioned, though the judge identified Edmonds can not legally call for folks to lock up their guns, she did leave in spot the capacity to levy civil fines in scenarios exactly where a youngster gets a hold of the gun and makes use of it. A gun owner can nevertheless be fined up to $1,000 if a youngster or thief gets unauthorized access to their firearm. If a individual in that situation makes use of the gun to commit a crime, extra fines could get up about $10,000. [Read More]


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