Huge Todd, a criminal investigator from Tennessee sends us his “Working EDC” right now.  By way of Every day Carry.

He writes:

This is my 9-five EDC. I carry all of this every day. Appears a tiny bulky but the belt loop organizer genuinely frees up pocket space. Every thing stays in the very same location so I constantly locate what I’m searching for on the very first attempt.

How about that:  A S&ampW Model 442 revolver.  Yeah, I try to remember these days when S&ampW came out with a new revolver or 3 each month.  At one particular point, a retired cop gave me a poster with about a hundred S&ampW revolver models on it.  Yikes.

And then, twenty years later, revolver sales have fallen off a cliff and everyone’s shooting semi-autos.

Heck, I know some pretty severe gun owners (defined as getting a dozen or far more guns) who do not even have a revolver.

And here’s Huge Todd with a wheel gun and no reloads.  Hmmm.  He does have a Field Notes notebook and pen.  Along with a Leatherman tool (Signal model) for fixing factors.

And I’ve got that very same model of DeSantis holster, only for a Beretta 84.  It presents tiny in the way of retention when taking one’s pants down to alter or go to the restroom for business enterprise.  Creating lowering and hitching up one’s trousers a delicate operation.  1 false move and Mr. Gun visits the pool.  No bueno.