Axe Head Weight vs. Manage Length


Hi, Absolutely everyone. This post is inspired by the query: I have a X pound head, how extended must my manage be? I decided to make a chart of head weight vs manage length for a couple of commercially sold axes. Right here it is:


The axes utilized for this chart are (GB=Gransfors Bruk, CT=Council Tool, SN=Snow and Neally, HB=Hults Bruk). Weight is in pounds and length is in inches:
A: GB Compact Hatchet/.7/10
B: GB Wildlife Hatchet/1.three/13.five
C: GB Outdoors Axe/1/14.five
D: GB Hunter’s Axe/two/18.five
E: GB Sm. Forest Axe/two/19
F: GB Scandi Forest Axe/two.six/25
G: GB American Forest Axe-1/four.six/32
J: CT Velvicut Boy’s Axe/two.25/28
K: CT Velvicut Premium Felling/four/36
L: CT Velvicut Hudson Bay/two/19
M: SN Our Greatest/two.25/28
N: SN Our Greatest/three.five/30
O: SN Boy’s Belt Axe/1.five/15
P: SN Double Bit Axe/three.five/36
Q: SN Hudson Bay/1.75/24
R: HB Tarnaby Hatchet/1.25/15
S: HB Salen/1.75/20
T: HB Torneo/1.75/26
U: HB Kalix/two.25/28
V: HB Atran/three.five/32

Appears like there is a decent correlation. It was as well late just before I realized the length must be on the vertical axis, and the weight on the horizontal axis. I was drawing this by hand, not with graphing application. Anyhow, right here is a “line of most effective match” drawn via the points (I just eyeballed it).


The point of undertaking this is to get a formula relating head weight to length. Just after a tiny math, you get:

Manage length = (eight.two * Head Weight) + four.26

For instance, if you have a two pound head, the manage length will be (eight.two * two) + four.26, which is 20.66 inches. This is just a rough hewn guide. It is an typical of what is commercially presented, so take it for what it really is worth.

If you have study this far, right here are the outcomes in handy chart kind:

Do they make 45″ axe handles? LOL. I know CT puts their five lb Dayton head on a 36″ haft.

…okay, right after staring at this chart for a couple of minutes… a simplified process that functions fairly effectively is to take the head weight in pounds and multiply by 10 to get the manage length in inches. For instance, if you have a two.five lb. head, your manage must be about 25 inches. Quick peasy. :14:



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