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October 23rd, 2019

Bullet Pointing 101 — How to Point Match Bullet Strategies

Berger Bullet Pointing Applied Ballistics Bryan Litz Whidden Pointing Die pointer

Tech Tip by Doc Beech, Applied Ballistics Assistance Group
I am going to hit on some crucial points when it comes to bullet pointing. How substantially pointing and trimming necessary is going to rely on the bullet itself. Especially how undesirable the bullets are to start with. Beginning out with much better-top quality projectiles such as Bergers is going to imply two items. 1st that you do not require to do as substantially correction to the meplat, but also that the improvement is going to be much less. NOTE: We propose you DO NOT POINT hunting bullets. Pointing can have an effect on terminal functionality in a undesirable way.

NOTE the adjust in the bullet tip shape and hollowpoint size immediately after pointing:
Berger Bullet Pointing Applied Ballistics Bryan Litz Whidden Pointing Die pointer

Do not More than-Point Your Bullets
What is significant right here is that you never ever want to more than-point. It is far much better to be protected, and below-point, rather than more than-point and crush the ideas even the slightest bit. To quote Bryan Litz precisely: “Best practice is to leave a tiny air gap in the tip so you are confident not to compress the metal with each other which will outcome in crushing. Most of the acquire in pointing is taking the bullet tip down to this point. Going a small additional does not show on target”. So in essence you are only bringing the tip down a modest amount… and you want to make confident you leave an air gap at the tip.

Salazar Whidden Bullet Pointer system

Also preserve in thoughts, bullet pointing is 1 of these procedures with variable returns. If you only shoot at 100-200 yards, bullet pointing will probably not advantage you. To see the added benefits, which can run from two to 10% (possibly a lot more with poorly made bullets), you require be shooting at lengthy variety. Bryan says: “Typically, with pointing, you will see three-four% enhance in BC on typical. If the nose is lengthy and pointy (VLD shape) with a significant meplat, that is exactly where pointing has the most significant impact up to eight% or 10%. If the meplat is tight on a quick tangent nose, the enhance can be as modest as 1 or two%.” For instance, If you point a Berger .308-caliber 185gr Juggernaut count on to only get a two% enhance in BC.

Berger Bullet Pointing Applied Ballistics Bryan Litz Whidden Pointing Die pointer

Ought to You Trim immediately after Pointing?
From time to time you can see tiny imperfections immediately after pointing, but to say you “need” to trim immediately after pointing is to say that the modest imperfections make a distinction. Bryan Litz advises: “If your aim is to make bullets that fly uniformly at the highest levels, it may possibly not be required to trim them.” In truth Bryan states: “I’ve never ever trimmed a bullet tip, prior to or immediately after pointing”. So in the finish it is up to you to determine.

Pointing is Straightforward with the Correct Tools
The procedure of pointing in itself is really basic. It requires about as substantially work to point bullets as it does to seat bullets. We are basically producing the air gap on the tip of the bullet ever-so smaller sized. Do not rush the job — go slow. Use smooth and steady stress on the press when pointing bullets. You do not want to trap air in the die and harm the bullet tip. You can use most any press, with a caliber-precise sleeve and appropriate die insert. The Whidden pointing die has a micrometer leading so producing adjustments is really straightforward.

Bryan Litz in fact helped design and style the Whidden Bullet Pointing Die Program, so you can order the Pointing Die and Inserts straight from Applied Ballistics. Just make confident that you choose up the appropriate caliber sleeve(s) and suitable insert(s). As sold by Applied Ballistics, the Whidden Bullet Pointing Die Program comes with the die, 1 tipping insert, and 1 caliber-precise sleeve. To see which insert(s) you require for your bullet sort(s), click this hyperlink:

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