Did a person definitely bid $18,000 for a Steamboat ski trail sign?


Just after replacing its trail indicators, Steamboat is auctioning off 30 of the old ones. The higher bid for this a single at present is $1,300. Photo offered by Steamboat Ski &amp Resort Corp.

Ski trails can have deep sentimental worth for skiers and riders. That is very apparent for Steamboat Ski Resort, which is at present hosting an on the net auction of 30 ski trail indicators, with most of the higher bids operating $500 or much more. The resort opted to auction off old indicators just after replacing them final year.

One particular of the indicators — for See Me trail, an specialist run that looms more than the base location exactly where skiers get to show off for crowds under — is displaying a present bid of $18,000.

There is some query of no matter if the bid is legit, even though.

“We’re attempting to get in touch with the bidder,” mentioned Loryn Duke, a spokesperson for the resort. “Because we’re asking for $10 increments, and the earlier bid was $170, we’re asking yourself if it may have been a typo — that they have been attempting to bid $180. That is a definitely significant error.”

As of Tuesday morning, the subsequent highest bid for a sign was $1,300 for Why Not, a meandering newbie trail on the front of the mountain.

“We do not know if somebody legitimately definitely meant to bid $18,000,” Duke mentioned. “Maybe See Me is just that specific for them. I will say that when we very first saw that $18,000, it undoubtedly produced our eyes perk up.”

There’s no query that ski trail indicators can conjure terrific memories, creating them hot products for nostalgic skiers.

As of Tuesday morning, a person has bid $18,000 for the See Me trail sign. The subsequent closest bid is $1,300 for the Why Not trail sign. (Screenshot by means of weblog.steamboat.com)

“People in Steamboat are definitely excited to have the chance to have a piece of Steamboat history readily available to them,” Duke mentioned. “I spoke with a single of my mates who was so excited to get Arc. I laughed and mentioned, ‘I assume you will have no issue,’ it is like a tiny tiny green connector trail, but it is more than $700. Clearly everyone has a connection to some Steamboat trail, and they are excited that they may perhaps be capable to personal that trail sign.”

The trail sign auction will close on Oct. 31.

Steamboat also replaced its gondola this year. Most of the gondola vehicles have been sold to a organization that will refurbish and sell them to a smaller sized resort searching for a very good deal, but Steamboat donated a couple of to neighborhood non-income so they could sell them and reap the proceeds. One particular went for $12,000.

Meanwhile, Steamboat is excited about the snow it has received in current days, even even though the mountain is not anticipated to open till Nov. 23.

“It’s searching phenomenal. It is amazing,” Duke mentioned. “We’ve gotten 26 inches at mid-mountain due to the fact Oct. 18 via now. That is a phenomenal October of snow for us so far, and we are expecting much more snow. It definitely is creating the foundation, and we’re just about a month away from opening day.”

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