If the Coasties Quit Hunting



It is a contact that generally comes sooner than hopeful relatives are ready for. Loved ones pin their hopes on a single final flight, and the U.S. Coast Guard sector commander—the man or lady accountable for calling off a search—knows it. He or she has to inform the family members that nothing at all was located, and that the Coast Guard is providing up.

Deciding to quit a search is the worst component of the job. When the Coast Guard suspends a search for a missing boater, hearts that had been breaking now completely break, and the news is met with much more than tears. There is normally also anger and confusion. The anger cannot be helped, but the confusion can be eased.

Most folks lost at sea remain lost. It is a harsh reality that the Coast Guard offers with each day. But households ought to know that when the Coast Guard suspends a search, it is in no way providing up early—and it is applying sophisticated laptop or computer technologies to make confident of it.


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