Overview: Hoka 1 1 Speedgoat three Trail Operating Footwear


Trail Operating/Hiking Footwear
Hoka 1 1 Speedgoat three
$140, 1 lb. four oz. (US men’s 9)
Sizes: US men’s 7-14, women’s five-11

operating and hiking can be challenging on feet. Beyond the possibility of blisters, miles
of pounding can often leave your feet feeling beat up and sore—and longer
distances magnify the effects of all that effect. As an individual who enjoys lengthy
trail runs and dayhikes, I’ve suffered my share of foot discomfort. And soon after
various trail runs of anyplace from 5 to 20 miles in my neighborhood foothills—and
a one particular-day, 42-mile, 22,000-vertical-foot run-hike across the Grand Canyon and
back—I think that I’ve found the very best trail-operating footwear I’ve ever employed,
for various factors, and a model that crosses more than to hiking: the Hoka
Speedgoat three.

across the Grand Canyon
—a journey I’d carried out a couple of instances
ahead of, in distinct footwear every single time—I completely anticipated it to beat up my feet
once again, merely simply because it often has. But my feet essentially felt fantastic (just
extremely fatigued, of course) when I completed this time, wearing these footwear. The low-reduce,
super light, neutral-stability Speedgoat three attributes Hoka’s signature oversized
CMEVA foam midsole
, which delivers luxurious cushioning for trail runs or
lightweight hiking for any distance.

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Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 trail-running shoes.
Hoka 1 1 Speedgoat three footwear.

The wider midsole and toe box kept my feet comfy even on longer days, when feet have a tendency to swell a bit, whilst the match was operating-shoe-snug in the heel and midfoot, exactly where you want that my feet in no way slipped in these footwear. And the general wider platform and fantastic torsional rigidity, specially for a shoe this light—you can not conveniently twist one particular of these footwear (like wringing a towel)—give the Speedgoat three extremely steady footing, even on rugged trails with a large quantity of vertical achieve and loss, as when crossing the Grand Canyon. These footwear do not really feel as well “high,” an impression some buyers may get ahead of attempting them. On the quite a few miles I’ve logged in these footwear, with ankles that have suffered their share of abuse, I recall rolling them possibly twice, and in no way badly sufficient to finish a run.

I’ve in no way personally identified zero-drop footwear comfy for my feet, the minimal,
4mm drop
of the Speedgoat three hits a balance that performs terrific for me (and
primarily based on the shoe’s reputation, apparently also for a lot of other runners). The
stack height, or thickness of the midsole and outsole (i.e., the distance
amongst the soles of your feet and the ground), goes from 33mm at the heel
to 29mm at the forefoot
. That thick cushion and the supportive heel cup
undoubtedly assist increase comfort, of course.

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Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 trail-running shoes.
Hoka 1 1 Speedgoat three footwear.

overlays building a cage building on the uppers
stabilize and lock down the midfoot, mimicking the assistance and protection of
quite a few hiking footwear that are quite a few ounces heavier. The mesh uppers
breathe supremely well—my feet in no way got sweaty, even in the course of the hottest
stretch of our early-October Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim, operating and hiking
uphill with the temp pushing toward 80° F below an intense desert sun.

The Vibram
MegaGrip outsole
with multi-directional 5mm lugs gives impressive grip
and traction on trails ranging from packed dirt to strong rock and loose gravel
and scree.

For hikes or higher-speed workouts in windy, damp climate, get a breathable, ultralight shell.
See my critique of “The Greatest Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking Jackets.”


Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 trail-running shoes.
Hoka 1 1 Speedgoat three footwear.

A little
rubber toe bumper
provides some protection, as do the TPU overlays on the
sidewalls and the mesh uppers about the forefoot, providing this shoe fantastic durability
for trail-operating footwear
in this weight class. But they will not have the
durability of beefier—and heavier—hiking footwear, if you use them for hiking or
ultralight backpacking, specially in wet situations. The greatest weak point—as
with quite a few footwear in this category—is most likely the exposed soft foam of the midsole
outdoors the tiny toe that spot will get chewed up a lot more conveniently on rocky

not waterproof, but dry out rapidly simply because of the airy uppers, so they
would be fantastic footwear for ordinarily dry dayhiking and ultralight backpacking on
trails that are usually nicely-constructed and not littered with massive rocks. The
Speedgoat three is also 100 % vegan.

also a Speedgoat three Waterproof version ($150).


extremely low weight, superior cushion, and the traction of an ATV, the Hoka
1 1 Speedgoat three just may well be the very best trail-operating shoe for any distance
and terrain on the marketplace today—and it crosses more than rather competently to
lightweight dayhiking and even ultralight backpacking (while ideally in
mainly dry situations).

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