The 10 Finest Hiding Locations for Your Secret Cache


At Primal Survivor, I’ve talked about safeguarding your residence from theft and intruders ahead of.

If you haven’t currently, I encourage you to study this post about residence safety.

Even if you take these proactive measures, there is nonetheless a possibility that burglars could get into your residence.

As an added layer of caution, hold your valuables and cache in these secret hiding locations in your residence.

3 Concerns to Ask When Picking a Hiding Location

There are a lot of locations to hide items in your residence.  But not all of these hiding spots are going to be suited to your requires.  To narrow down a fantastic hiding spots, you have got to ask oneself these three inquiries:

1. What are you attempting to hide?
The major factor to contemplate right here is SIZE.  It is a lot simpler to hide a roll of revenue or some jewelry than it is to hide your guns.

two. How accessible does it require to be?
If you rely on your gun for residence defense, then it is stupid to hide it someplace like in a mattress protected.  Great luck receiving to it in time if an intruder enters!

The identical also applies to items like jewelry.

If it is a major hassle to place the jewelry back in its secret hiding spot, your wife likely will not do it, which means it will be there in her jewelry box waiting to be discovered they thieves.

three. Does it require to be safeguarded against fire and flooding?
If you are going to hide a lot of revenue in your residence, then this is one thing that you have genuinely got to contemplate.

Do you genuinely want to threat all of your difficult-earned revenue going up in smoke due to the fact it was someplace like a secret wall compartment?

Secret Containers for Hiding Cash and Modest Valuables

Use these hiding locations for little things and when you are not worried about fire or flood harm.

Deodorant Secure

There are a lot of soda can safes you can acquire or make, and a lot of persons use items like shampoo bottles for hiding their cache.

I’ve even observed a lettuce protected that you hold in your fridge.  But I DO NOT like these meals-form safes.  What if an individual comes more than and desires to drink a coke?  They are going to come across your secret cache alternatively!

But I do like the notion of a deodorant protected. Completely no one particular is going to borrow your deodorant!

You can acquire it on Amazon right here.

deodorant safe

Hairbrush Secure

This secret protected is genuinely fantastic for hiding revenue, jewelry, or other little valuables that you require to access often.

You can acquire it on Amazon right here.

Wall Outlet Secure

It is quite quick to make this oneself.  In case you do not want to, you can just acquire one particular on the web.

wall outlet hidden safe

Secret Drawers and Compartments for Your Hidden Cache

Back in the 1800s and 1900s (ahead of persons utilised banks), it was frequent for furnishings to have secret compartments like hidden drawers.

Now, this trend is coming back and you can come across a lot of furnishings on the web which has constructed-in secret hiding locations.  There are specially some fantastic ones for guns.

When deciding upon furnishings with secret compartments, spend consideration to how accessible it is.  Some of these, like the sofa bunker, are fantastic – but it would take a though to get to your cache.  That could be vital if you are applying it to hide your guns and require them immediately.

Beneath-Table Hidden Compartment

This is a fantastic location to hide your gun in case an intruder comes.  The fantastic factor about it is that it is so accessible, which is not one thing that can be stated about most hiding locations for guns.

hidden compartment under table

Tea Caddy Secret Drawer

I can picture my wife applying this as a jewelry box.  Then she wouldn’t have to be concerned about annoyingly hiding her useful jewelry in some inaccessible spot every time she requires it off.

I’ve in no way heard of a thief taking an whole jewelry box, so he’d be rifling by way of it without having even realizing that the fantastic stuff was beneath his nose!

hiding spot for jewelry


This friggin’ amazing hidden protected is constructed into a bed and can hold up to 60 rifles.  They’ve got a twin bed selection as well.

You can also take out the gun rack and use the BedBunker to shop other items as well.  It is produced by the corporation Security and Safety, and you can verify them out right here.

hidden safe


The CouchBunker is also produced by Security and Safety. I’ve in no way attempted it out, so do not know if it is basically comfy.  If you have, let us know!

hidden safe in couch

Secret Stairs

You can now come across all sorts of plans on the web on how to make hidden stair drawers.  But I like this notion for a secret hiding spot in your residence finest.

The “secret stairs” are produced by Wise Item Technologies and are fantastic for hiding guns or other substantial caches.  It can also serve as a protected area for your loved ones in occasion of a residence invasion.

hidden compartment under stairs

Curio Cabinet Hidden Gun Cache

A pretty observant particular person may possibly notice that the cabinet is a lot deeper than its interior shelves.  Nonetheless, I doubt a thief is going to understand that though burglarizing your residence.  Plus, the slide-out door signifies your guns are immediately accessible.

hidden gun safe

Waterproof Underground PVC Cache

If you require to hide a lot of revenue or valuables which could get destroyed by fire or flooding, then the PVC cache is one particular of the finest possibilities.

With some sealant, it can very easily be produced waterproof. The PVC is not fireproof, but you can usually bury it in the backyard someplace exactly where fire will not get to it.

I’ve observed persons who have carried out cool items with the PVC cache – like “installing” it in their basement or below the bathroom sink so it appears like component of their regular plumbing.

The only downside to this secret hiding location is that your cache is not readily accessible, but it will be there when you require it.  You can verify out this YouTube video to come across out how to make a PVC cache.

pvc pipe cache

Which of these hiding locations for your cache do you assume is finest? Let us know in the comments.

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