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For these of you who might be new to the OKC:
This challenge is developed to encourage challengers to create expertise and practical experience in knife handling and sharpening, carry strategies, and mindset connected to edged tools. Thank you for participating! Please attempt your ideal to stick to the challenge recommendations, but most importantly HAVE Enjoyable.


1. Pick a single knife that you will use as your key cutting tool for the duration of the challenge. Knives with several blades, folding blades, multi-tools, fixed blades, axes, chisels, and so on. are permitted. We’re going to kick this a single off on November 1st 2019, but really feel cost-free to start out posting as quickly as you want.

two. Carry your knife with you everywhere you go. This excludes locations exactly where your specific knife might be prohibited legally or by a policy you should stick to. You really should take into account this when picking a knife.

three. Use your knife for all cutting tasks you have to have to carry out throughout the challenge. This involves meals preparation, consuming, opening packages, sharpening pencils, MINI-MISSIONS, and so on. This does not consist of issues like cutting copper pipe, cinder blocks, or something crazy like that.

four. Ahead of resorting to a distinctive cutting tool, try to use your knife. It is a challenge following all.

five. Post photographs and comments on how you utilised your knife, thoughts about it is efficiency, causes why you chose it, strategies you picked up, and so on.

six. Disclose any use of a cutting tool other than your knife, with exceptions. This does not disqualify you from the challenge but a small humiliation under no circumstances killed anyone. Absolutely everyone is confident to have specific tasks that they basically can not use their knife for. Instance: An individual might carry out detailed exacto knife cutting for operate on organization components that can not be very easily replaced. Do not use your knife for this. You do not even have to report it. Deciding not to use your knife at a restaurant, nevertheless, …you far better fess up. If you carry one more knife as a backup or if you have to have to use anything like a spoon knife for a carving project you are functioning on, that is fine. As extended as you remain in the spirit of the challenge, do what you have to do.

7. Really feel cost-free to inform other persons about the challenge. You will appear like much less of a nut cutting that T-bone at your favored restaurant with a swiss army knife if your good friends know why. If they want to join in, you can encourage them to join BCUSA or post a handful of pics on their behalf.

eight. Any sharpening or other knife upkeep should be performed by you.

9. Rule No. 9: Normally carry a knife.

10. Modifications to your knife or carry technique are permitted and encouraged. Be confident to post them. You are permitted to have aid in this location.

11. Report any knife connected injuries throughout the challenge. We will all laugh at you. Attempt not to leading @Enzo although.

12. The challenge officially begins on November 1st, 2019 and ends December 1st! Really feel cost-free to start out sooner or continue longer if you like.

13. The Secret 1-Knife Council commonly comes up with prizes. These will be announced later. They will pick a grand prize winner at the finish of the occasion. Contributing elements in the grand prize winner choice might consist of most original or ridiculous knife, funny posts, shenanigans, valor, or what ever else they discover proper. (possibly some difficult formula involving points for mini-missions or action photographs).

Reply with an “I am In” if you are going to participate and declare what knife you will use.

As the month progresses, we will announce Mini-Missions which are electives that the Challengers can opt for to participate in if they like. They will be added in a new post and I will hold a list going right here for reference. @field-expedient will be c0-masterminding these once again. You are not essential to total any of the mini-missions but it is encouraged since you will be far more probably to discover far more expertise and acquire trust in your tool… or break it.

The 1st Mini-Mission will be posted in time for the challenge start out date.

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