Top rated 10 Meals Storage Myths {UPDATED for 2019}


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Top 10 Food Storage Myths via The Survival Mom

The world-wide-web is complete of web-sites that give information and facts on survival subjects, like meals storage. There are dozens and dozens of books that will teach you “the proper way” to shop meals and YouTube videos galore. Most include valid, trustworthy information and facts, but mixed in with that are a quantity of meals storage myths that lots of persons accept with out query.

Right here are 10 that I take challenge with, and I clarify why.

By the way, following Myth #10 are two quick videos that critique these myths.

Myth #1:  You ought to stock up on lots of wheat.

When I was researching foods normally eaten for the duration of the Terrific Depression, I noticed that lots of of them integrated sandwiches of just about every assortment. So it tends to make sense to stock up on wheat, which, when ground, becomes flour, the principal ingredient to just about every bread recipe.

Unless you or an individual in your loved ones has difficulties with consuming wheat, it is certainly a frugal and versatile creating block for your meals storage pantry. Since the time of the Terrific Depression, millions of persons now have different overall health difficulties when they consume wheat. From causing gluten intolerance to celiac illness our hybridized wheat is a entire ‘nother animal that our wonderful-grandparents never ever consumed.

There’s a finding out curve with wheat that a lot of persons are not ready for. A survival specialist tells them to stock up on at least 300 pounds of wheat per individual, per year, they do, and then wonder what they’re going to do with all that wheat! That is specifically what occurred to me when I 1st started prepping in 2008!!

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It is not that challenging to find out how to grind wheat to make flour and then use the flour to make bread, crackers, tortillas, and so forth. and it undoubtedly is not complicated to cook a cup or two of wheat in water, oatmeal-style, and finish up with wonderfully versatile wheat berries. It is just that a lot of new preppers do not feel about how they will use that wheat just before purchasing it and, based on their family’s consuming habits and preferences they may possibly finish up purchasing far additional than they will ever consume.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t shop wheat, and, in reality, I have numerous hundred pounds of it myself. The emphasis on wheat and the lots of hundreds of pounds encouraged by lots of meals storage professionals may possibly not be a great match for everybody.

Myth #two: Beans final forever.

When it is accurate that beans have a extended shelf life, they have been recognized to grow to be practically inedible more than time. Old-timers have reported working with just about every cooking approach imaginable in order to soften the beans. A stress cooker is one particular alternative but, once again, some have told me that it does not even perform!

A different alternative is to grind the beans and add the powdered beans to different recipes. They will nevertheless include some nutrients and fiber.

More than the years, I’ve stocked up on cans of beans — beans of all types. I’m a significant fan of beans. They retain their nutrients in the canning approach and are currently cooked, so there’s no have to have to soak, boil, stress cook, and so forth. You can usually dwelling can dried beans, and if you have beans that have been about for additional than 10 years or so, canning them is a super very simple approach and guarantees they will not grow to be inedible.

If you do finish up with incredibly challenging beans that look to be permanently inedible, attempt the approach in this post to rejuvenate them.

Myth #three: If they’re hungry sufficient, they’ll consume it!

Have you ever fallen in enjoy with a recipe that was simple to make, low-cost, and your loved ones loved it? You possibly believed you’d ultimately identified The Dream Recipe. And then you produced it a second time, then a third, then a fourth. About the 8th or 9th time, having said that, you may possibly have found that you had created a mild type of meals fatigue. All of a sudden, it didn’t taste all that wonderful and your loved ones wasn’t providing it rave critiques any longer.

food storage myths, picky eaters

When it comes to meals storage, do not assume that someone will consume a specific item they presently hate, just simply because they’re hungry. If you stock up on dozens of #10 cans of Turkey Tetrazzini, sooner or later the loved ones will revolt, no matter how hungry they are. The secret to possessing a properly- balanced meals storage pantry is to have versatile components that can be combined in dozens if not hundreds of various approaches in very simple recipes. Meals fatigue will never ever grow to be an challenge.

Myth #four. All I have to have is lots and lots of canned meals.

There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with canned meals. In reality, that is how I got began with meals storage. On the other hand, canned meals has its limitations. A can of ravioli is a can of ravioli. You can not specifically transform it into a totally various dish. As properly, canned meals may possibly have additives that you do not care to consume and, in the case of my personal youngsters, tastes adjust more than time. I had to ultimately give away the final couple of cans of ravioli and Spaghetti-O’s simply because my youngsters all of a sudden didn’t like them any longer.

Be certain to rotate what ever canned meals you have, given that age requires a toll on all foods, but, as I’ve found, on specific canned things in distinct. My expertise with old canned tuna hasn’t been all that good, and specific higher-acid foods, such as canned tomato goods, are recognized to have difficulties with can corrosion. Double check the seams of canned food and appear for any sign of bulging, leaks, or rust.

Lightly rusted cans, which means you can rub the rust off with a cloth or your fingertip, are secure to continue storing. On the other hand, when a can is badly rusted, there’s a incredibly great likelihood that the rust has corroded the can, enabling bacteria to enter. These cans ought to be thrown away.

Top 10 Food Storage Myths via The Survival Mom

Worried about the “expiration” date on canned meals? Properly, these dates are set by the meals production firm and do not have any bearing on how the meals will taste, its nutrients, or security just after that date. If the meals was canned appropriately and you have been storing it in a dry and cool place, theoretically, the meals will be secure to consume for years just after that stamped date.

Myth #five: I can shop my meals anyplace that I have added space.

Yikes! Not if you want to extend its shelf life beyond just a couple of months! Know the enemies of meals storage and do your finest to shop meals in the finest circumstances attainable.

TIP: Understand additional about the enemies of meals storage: heat, humidity, light, oxygen, pests, and time.

I emphasize dwelling organization and decluttering on this weblog, primarily simply because it frees up space that is presently occupied by factors you do not have to have or use. Commence decluttering and then storing your meals in locations that are cool, dark, and dry. After you start creating your meals storage pantry the wise way, you will be glad to have that added space.

Myth #six: My meals will final X-quantity of years simply because that is what the meals storage firm mentioned.

I have bought a lot of meals from incredibly reliable organizations more than the years, Thrive Life, becoming my all-time favourite. Most of these organizations do a wonderful job of processing meals for storage and then packaging it in containers that will aid prolong its shelf life.

On the other hand, as soon as the meals gets to your home, only you are in manage of how that meals is stored. Yes, below appropriate circumstances, meals can quickly have a shelf life of 20 years or additional, but when it is stored in heat, fluctuating temperatures, and is not protected from light, oxygen, and pests, and never ever rotated, it will deteriorate speedily.

NOTE: When meals is old, it does not grow to be poisonous or evaporate in its container. Rather, it loses nutrients, flavor, texture, and colour. In a word, it becomes unappetizing. This is why it is essential to concentrate your meals storage on foods with a naturally extended shelf-life.

You can extend the shelf-life of lots of foods by repackaging them oneself. I clarify this in my Freeze-Dried Meals Primer, which you can get right here.

Myth #7: Just-add-hot-water meals are all I have to have.

There are lots of organizations that only make and sell just-add-hot-water meals. In common, I’m not a significant fan of these. They include a lot of additives that I do not care for, in some circumstances the flavors and textures and genuinely awful, but the principal purpose why I do not personally shop a lot of these meals is that they get boring.

Attempt consuming pre-produced chicken teriyaki just about every day for two weeks, and you will see what I imply. Some persons do not call for a lot of assortment in their meals, but most of us tire speedily when we consume the exact same factors more than and more than.

These meals have a couple of benefits, even though. They are lightweight and come in handy for the duration of evacuation time and energy outages. If you can boil a couple of cups of water more than a rocket stove, propane grill, or some other cooking device, then you will have a meal in a couple of minutes.

TIP: Retailer a couple of days worth of just-add-water meals with your emergency kits and be prepared to grab them for a rapid emergency evacuation. Be certain to also pack a spoon or fork for each and every individual and a metal pot for meals that call for cooking more than a heat supply.

On the other hand, for a properly-balanced meals storage pantry, stock up on person components and fewer just-add-hot-water meals.

Myth #eight: I can stock up on a year’s worth and will not have to have to be concerned about meals any longer.

That is possibly the fantasy of lots of a prepper. Get the meals, stash it away, and do not give it a believed till the S hits the fan. There’s a significant dilemma with that program, having said that. When every thing does hit the fan and it is just you and all that meals:

  • Will you know how to prepare it?
  • Will you have the appropriate supplies and tools to prepare the meals?
  • Did you shop sufficient added water to rehydrate all these cans of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods?
  • Do you have recipes you are familiar with, that your loved ones enjoys, and that use what ever you have bought?
  • What if there’s an ingredient a loved ones member is allergic to?
  • Does everybody even like what you have bought?
  • Have any of the containers been broken? How do you know if you haven’t inspected them and checked them sometimes for bulges and/or pest harm?

If you have bought a pre-packaged meals storage provide, the contents of that package had been determined by just a little handful of persons who do not know your loved ones, your overall health difficulties, or other pertinent particulars. These packages are not a terrible factor to have on hand. Just do not be lulled into a false sense of safety. Do it the wise way — concentrate on foods that are versatile, familiar, frugal, and have a extended shelf-life. You can not go incorrect with a meals storage pantry that is constructed about the customized wants of your loved ones.

Myth #9: Freeze-dried foods are also pricey.

Yes, there is a bit of sticker shock initially when you start to shop on the web at web pages like Thrive Life. If you have been utilised to paying a couple of dollars for a block of cheddar cheese and then see a price tag of $35 for a can of freeze-dried cheddar, it can be alarming.

On the other hand, take a appear at how lots of servings are in each and every container and take into account how significantly it would price to either develop or acquire that exact same meals item and preserve it in one particular way or a further, on your personal.

You can get all my finest suggestions for purchasing and working with freeze-dried meals in my Freeze-Dried Meals Primer.

Myth #10: This expert’s meals storage program will match my loved ones.

The incredibly finest meals storage program is the one particular that you have customized oneself. By all signifies, use the suggestions provided by a quantity of professionals. Take a appear at on the web meals calculators, but when it is time to make purchases, acquire what suits your loved ones finest. What one particular individual thinks is perfect for meals storage may possibly leave your youngsters retching.

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