Walther Q5 Match M2 Polymer Frame Critique


The Q5 Match

The Q5 Match
If you haven’t checked out the initial appear video, I will have it posted under. We have been operating with Walther for years and we lately published a overview of the Walther Colt 1911-22 pistol. Final year we reviewed the Q4 Tac which is their “suppressor-ready” version, that we felt was missing the suppressor sights (I’m sorry but you cannot contact it suppressor-prepared and not have higher sights out of the box). The Q5 is a match grade, mass-made (non-pro-shop) pistol.

Walther Q5 Match Full Review


TRIGGER PULL: five.6lbs
CAPACITY: 15 + 1
General LENGTH: eight.1”
HEIGHT: five.3”
WIDTH: 1.3”

Some thing you will notice is that the Q5 is a longer barrel and slide than the Q4 Tac model.  The Q5 Match is even larger than the Q4 Tac, but when you weigh them you see that due to the fact of their porting of the slide (not the barrel which would have been Remarkable) the Q5 Match comes in two OZ lighter than the Q4 Tac at 25 OZ.

Final thoughts and overview of the Walther Q5 Match

I do not have a ton of cons about this pistol. I would modify
the fiber optic to a unique colour if we kept the pistol. That way, when I
mount a red dot, my brain does not have to consider about which red is the dot and
which is the fiber optic. Personally, I would choose the Q4s trigger more than the
Q5 blue Match grade trigger, but what do I know?

I am not a competitors shooter. I wanted this pistol due to the fact
it comes in at $650 for a functionality pistol. When you appear at the expense of a match
grade pistol, you are not searching at $650. Competitors shooters drop really serious
coin to construct a race gun.

What are your thoughts on the Q4 or Q5 pistols? Would you acquire 1 for your collection?


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