Watch: Intense and Lovely Winter Camping in the North


If you have in no way been winter camping — and want to — this video is for you.

Snow crunches beneath the feet of snow-walkers as they cross the expansive terrain that is northern Ontario. Anything is cold — the trees, the snow, the air about the fire that warms your fingers. Meet David &amp Kielyn Marrone, a married duo who have traveled more than four,000 km by snowshoe and camped hundreds of nights in winter seasons.

Winter camping or travel holds a specific allure, even though it is not for everybody. Even if you have in no way sledded, camped in a blizzard, or boiled snow for water, the “Lure of the North” will impress with its capacity to convey the balance among the lovely and tiring expanse.

Director Goh Iromoto, a cinematographer out of Toronto, utilizes the film to bring close interest to the tougher elements of winter camping. And it tends to make me so excited that winter is quickly upon us.

Winter Camping Can Be Awesome: A Polar Explorer Shows How
Winter Camping Can Be Great: A Polar Explorer Shows How

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Mary Murphy
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