Wisconsin’s Tony Evers Tells Why He Named The Lawmakers Into Session


A Television station has a video clip of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers stating why he referred to as the Wisconsin Legislature into session. There is absolutely nothing in the statement that can’t be falsified by a handful of minutes and Google, but Eers appears to think all the propaganda is pure Gospel. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/21/wisconsin-gov-tony-evers-calls-lawmakers-into-session-gun-violence/4051713002/

Personally, Evers appears like an individual far along with a wasting illness, but the Wisconsin voters picked him so there need to be anything to like there. Or pity. Most likely pity.

But Evers desires a red flag law, which is a mental wellness statue that really should not impede a ordinary American from maintaining and carrying firearms.

Evers also desires Universal Background checks, but that law has a history of driving up crime prices, just like the rest of the Dem’s gun ban precursor package. Additional crime is the final point any spot desires, so that will hopefully be rejected post haste.


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