WTS- Fire Snakes 10-21-19 SOLD


Hello people!

Its raining tough right here, which is what we get in touch with fall in Western Washington. I was capable to rustle up a couple of compact snakes among the showers.

Quantity 1 Little snake $28 plus $five shipping= $33 total
10-21-19 S1.jpg

Quantity two Little snake $28 plus $five shipping= $33 total
10-21-19 S2.jpg

Quantity three Little snake $28 plus $five shipping= $33 total
10-21-19 S3.jpg

(The numbered blocks are three/eight inches square for scale)

Here’s the group:
10-21-19 snakes.jpg

These fire steels will match happily in an Altoids tin. If you’d like a single for your personal, just let me know the quantity by PM.

Paypal preferred (G&ampS), but if you want to spend an additional way, we can operate it out. I will ship anyplace in CONUS, expense integrated. Outdoors that location, we can operate out actual shipping fees.

I am shipping these steels with a piece of black English flint and some charred cloth to get you began with some immediate gratification. Beneath is a sample:


If you do adopt a single, please be cautious and give it a attempt outdoors with the char cloth. I do not want to be portion of burning down anybody’s domicile…

Also, the steel in these has been hardened and that can make them brittle, like a file and it is probable they can break if they get dropped on a tough surface or tossed at a rock, do please treat them with care. They will hold up to regular striking just fine. I advocate adding a lanyard to them.

I will be checking back about the den and see if I can obtain any far more snakes to give up in the close to future.
Got a feeling I will obtain some far more.

I’ve had quite fantastic feedback on my strikers.

Thanks for seeking!

Head’s up @beestokk @Nakadnu @Boomstick

And as an further Head’s up, I count on to post a couple of far more skull strikers in the subsequent day or so.




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