10 Most Prevalent Chicken Predators (And How to Cease Them)


10 Most Common Chicken Predators (And How to Stop Them)
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Getting chickens on the homestead is a single of the most effective approaches to make positive that your household has a steady provide of meals. No matter if you collect the eggs for fresh omelets, or raise meat chickens for future dinners, caring for chickens is a worthwhile practical experience.

Lots of nation residents commence their homesteads with chickens thanks to their ease and predictability. They do not need substantially space and are terrific at creating use of all of these scraps from the kitchen. There is also absolutely nothing fairly like a farm-fresh egg compared to retailer-purchased possibilities.

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On the other hand, owning chickens and caring for them can draw interest from predators to the homestead. If you haven’t discovered currently, you will notice that these predators can come from land or sky and it is fairly typical to shed a couple of chickens every single year.

Chickens are a beneficial resource to homesteads, and their loss is felt in egg production. To defend your land and your meals provide, discover much more about these popular chicken predators (and how to quit them):

Dogs, Coyotes, &amp Wolves

Wolf Pack
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Lots of homesteaders have some dogs on the home. No matter if you have an outdoors or inside dog, they can get bored sufficient to chase a chicken or two in their younger years. Component of education a great farm dog is to retain them from attacking the chickens.

Taking the time to teach a puppy to ignore chickens will be worth it in the lengthy run. Most farm dogs discover to leave chickens alone, but some breeds are tougher to break the habit.

You could also have coyotes and wolves in your location based on exactly where you homestead. They each normally hunt in packs so if you see or hear a single, you can bet there is a group of them. Coyotes adore to wait outdoors the perimeter of a homestead, beyond what your outside light can attain.

You will seldom see wolves or coyotes through the day as properly. The most effective way to defend your flock is to make positive their roost is securely locked from dusk to dawn.


Hawk Attack
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A single of the hardest predators to defend against is a hawk. These massive birds can fly onto your home without the need of your expertise. Hawks like to sit in a nearby tree and watch the chickens till they choose which a single to attack.

Most hawks attack chickens through broad daylight hours and will normally choose the carcass apart. You will know you have a hawk when you come across the remains of a chicken in an location of the yard that is wide open and simple to see.

The easiest way to defend against hawks is to retain your chickens in a fenced-off location. You could have to fence the best of the chicken run to retain predators from getting into your chicken yard as properly. For these of us who let our chickens cost-free-variety, there is tiny you can do to defend your chickens.

The most effective selection is to get a couple of roosters that can assist defend the hens through the day. Producing positive that there are also lots of locations for chickens to hide in the yard, like below bushes or inside smaller barriers, will assist deter a hawk from attempting to attack.


Fox By Rocks
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“Sly as a fox” is an old saying for a cause. Lots of homesteaders do not feel about foxes due to the fact they are sly to commence with. You can reside on your home for years and in no way see a household of foxes that could reside a couple of hundred feet away. Foxes are sneaky, quiet, and terrific hunters. Oftentimes, they will hunt a chicken from a nearby field or crop and will take the whole chicken back to their den.

You will know that you have a fox stalking your coop when you are missing a chicken or two and only come across a couple of feathers on the ground. We know of homesteaders who have witnessed a fox jumping out from the field line, grabbing a chicken, and creating off with it without the need of a sound.

The most effective way to guard against foxes from taking chickens is to make positive that your boundaries are safe. Once again, foxes like to lie in wait just beyond the perimeter of a home. If you retain your chickens someplace in the middle of the yard, you really should have much less loss to foxes.

A further beneficial tip is normally to lock up your chickens at evening. Make positive they are protected and safe at dusk and do not let them out also early in the morning.

Weasels &amp Minks

Weasel Sitting
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This sneaky predator can be the worst nightmare for a homesteader. Weasels and minks are really hard to see and fight against due to the fact they are so swift and reside underground.

You will know that a weasel has killed a chicken when the whole chicken remains with a bite mark at the neck. Weasels and minks normally do not quit at a single chicken but can destroy the complete flock in a single setting.

Defend your chickens from weasels by creating positive that your hen property is safe at the base. Adding fencing or wire on the ground about the base of a coop, recognized as a predator apron, deters predators from digging underneath the creating structure itself. Mending any holes or weak locations of the coop will also assist retain these sneaky predators away.


Raccoon By Fence
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Typically recognized as “trash pandas,” raccoons normally are much more interested in simple meals sources like your trash pile or feed storage. They are intelligent creatures that can figure out how to open straightforward locks and doors.

Raccoons normally choose to steal eggs and infant chicks than kill a mature hen. On the other hand, provided the ideal situations, a raccoon can kill when required. If you come across your chicken without the need of a head, you can be fairly positive that raccoon was your culprit.

Defend your flock from raccoon attacks by lining the bottom couple of feet of your chicken fence with hardware cloth. This will retain the raccoons from getting in a position to attain in a grab a chicken. Other deterrents consist of installing difficult hardware that a raccoon wouldn’t be in a position to open or figure out.

Producing positive that your pen is not also narrow so that the chickens are normally close to the fence, can assist defend against raccoons as properly. Gathering the eggs each and every day will also reduce down on attracting a raccoon to the hen property.

Bobcats &amp Barn Cats

Bobcat In Woods
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Even though some homesteaders could not have bobcats in their location, any cat can be a predator to chickens. Most barn cats will attack a infant or younger chicken if they are hungry sufficient. The most effective way to retain your critical barn cats from attacking chickens is to feed them when they haven’t had a mouse kill in a though.

Bobcats also kill chickens that are not adequately secured. You will know that you have a bobcat stalking the hen property when you come across a partially covered up carcass. Once again, retain your flock protected from cats by creating positive the hen property and chicken yard are safe with sturdy fencing.

If you have had chickens for really lengthy, you have almost certainly lost a hen or two. This is a all-natural element of obtaining a homestead, and losses do take place. On the other hand, when your coop is getting attacked often, you know that you will need to safe your chickens greater.

Being aware of what type of predators reside in your location, as properly as how to defend against them, are the initially measures to making certain that you have a steady provide of meals for your household. Try to remember these ideas to retain your hens protected.

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