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More than the final handful of years, I’ve been flooded with the exact same query about what 308 magazine is finest for AR platforms. In a excellent globe, I could sum this short article up in about two seconds by saying get Knights Armament SR-25 magazines. The issue with the Knights SR-25 magazine is the staggering cost of $95.79 per magazine. Normally I like to have at least 10 magazines to run by way of guns so I’m not continually loading at the variety.

It is good to have spare magazines in the protected in case I ever do break a magazine or they get started to malfunction. With this considering, I have completely no need to devote a cool thousand bucks on 308 magazines so let’s appear at some cost-effective and reputable options. Now retain in thoughts there are distinctive sorts of 308 magazines so prior to acquiring some make confident you know what type your rifle requires. For this short article, we will concentrate on the a lot more widespread SR-25 style magazines.

By far the most widespread magazine on this list has to be the Magpul PMAGs. These magazines are supplied in 10, 20, and 25 round capacities. If you actually want to go complete boogaloo you could generally get their D50 drum magazine that holds 50 rounds but for a 308 that appears excessive. Do not get me incorrect although this is America so if you want to mag dump a 50 round drum out of your 308 AR10 I salute you, great sir. Now, these mags are surely some of the most cost-effective on this list with rates getting from $18-$22 based on exactly where you get them from. They are lightweight sturdy magazines and the newer versions of these magazines have been particularly reputable for me in the final handful of years.

Early on, I did have 3 or 4 magazines break on me with the feed lips cracking and a single cracking down the spine creating the ammo eject like a freedom geyser.  I dropped it on concrete and the magazine exploded in a fairly spectacular show, but given that acquiring the newer magazines with red followers, I’ve had wonderful luck. The 20 round magazines are wonderful for shooting prone and possessing a lighter weight magazine to carry about. I haven’t ever had an situation with feeding or fitment out of the 20 round magazines. The 25 round magazines are good with the window to see how a lot ammo is left in the magazine. If I had to choose involving the two I would almost certainly stick with the 20 round magazines mainly because they’ve been bulletproof reputable in the final eight years I’ve employed them.

The new Lancer L7 magazines are type of the wildcard on this list given that they are relatively new on the marketplace. These are the finest of each worlds with a polymer reduced physique with metal feed lips and front guard so rounds are not pushed by way of the polymer front section. Lancer did a actually good job fixing troubles observed previously in the L5 method of magazines. I ordered two of the 20 round L7 magazines and so far they have been particularly reputable feeding just about every kind of ammo I’ve place into them and regularly locking to the rear on the final shot. So far, I only have about 300 rounds by way of the two magazines but it appears like they will be particularly reputable.

There are a handful of minor drawbacks to these magazines although. The initial point that I do not like about L7 magazines is the cost. They are promoting on the internet from $38-50 based on exactly where you get them, but they do have metal inserts. It is a larger-priced magazine but the level of top quality is worth the cost in my opinion. The only other compact point that I am struggling to get employed to is the all round design and style of the magazine. I generally consider the magazine is backward when it is seated inside the gun. The baseplate is reversed from Magpul and other magazines so it tends to appear a bit off. I also have indexed the magazine in the incorrect path from the design and style. Honestly although, in the grand scheme of factors its a extremely minor situation to me.

Ammunition Storage Elements or ASC is creating an cost-effective solution for the SR-25 or AR-10 platform. Some of you may perhaps favor a stainless steel metal magazine rather than a polymer or hybrid magazine. These are generally extremely cost-effective for the bigger on the internet retailers like Brownells or Gun Mag Warehouse. ASC metal magazines really feel extremely strong and properly constructed when in the hand. For the most aspect, I’ve had extremely great luck with ASC magazines. Normally, the ASC 20 round 308 mags can be discovered for $17-20 based on exactly where you order them from.

In my encounter, the ASC mags can be somewhat temperamental with different ammo sorts or different AR-10 variants. I have noticed with the magazines I have they do not like polymer tipped 308 ammunition. I had a handful of malfunctions across distinctive AR-10 variants and it was only with polymer tipped ammo. With normal FMJ rounds, the mags ran flawlessly, so it is a lot more of a side note to let you guys know.

General Thoughts

There are a ton of distinctive alternatives in today’s marketplace for cost-effective reputable magazines for your 308 AR-10. I’m not confident there’s a magazine out there that is completely excellent. There are some extremely great alternatives on the marketplace for magazines although. If the cost was what your most concerned about and want reputable magazines I would say go with the PMAGs. PMAGs are excellent for their cost and I have had 100% reliability with the newer magazines with the red followers. I have had some troubles in the previous with PMAGs catastrophically breaking at the variety. Fortunately, these troubles look to have been fixed with the newer magazines.

If you want wonderful top quality with relatively affordable priced magazines I would go with the Lancer L7s. They are a lot more cash than PMAGs but have functioned flawlessly more than my final handful of variety trips. General, I’m actually impressed with the Lancer L7s so far. If you want the absolute finest no matter what it expenses, I would take into account the Knights Armament SR-25 magazines. I have under no circumstances owned a single but have had the chance to attempt them at the variety. From my encounter shooting the Knights magazines, I consider they are excellent but rather heavy.

There are other alternatives out there like the Hex mag, ProMag, and CPD magazines. If you’d guys like aspect two with a handful of other magazines let me know in the comment beneath.  I will gladly grab a handful of distinctive mags and see how they do more than the course of a couple months. If you have any concerns about magazines or just common concerns really feel totally free to message me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Remain protected out there!

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