Behind the Style: Putsuit Pack | Macpac


A handful of years ago we created the 1st NZAT Pursuit pack. We created a functional, stripped-back pack that was quite light, creating it nicely suited to the Alpine Team’s intense adventures. We took inspiration from an early version of the Macpac Pursuit – a uncomplicated zip-opening pack that we manufactured from our Christchurch headquarters in the 1980s.

About the identical time that the NZAT Pursuit was released, we designed a canvas version with a handful of more functions and a bit extra comfort to cater to the extra standard Kiwi climber who is slightly much less concerned with weight. This version of the Pursuit has been definitely well known more than the previous handful of years – we’ve updated it every single season, tweaking the style and incorporating new functions to much better equip climbers who are spending a lot of time in alpine environments.

This season sees a further evolution in the Pursuit. We’ve made use of a excellent fabric known as VX21, which borrows technologies created in the sail creating market to build fabrics with quite higher strength. A lightweight 210d Nylon face fabric is laminated with a higher strength polyester diamond ripstop, and a light backer, producing a difficult and quite climate resistant fabric with a distinctive appear.

Macpac packs are generally evolving. We’re fortunate to have a wealthy history of pack style that goes all the way back to the early 70s. These old packs aid us shape the new ones, so that we can hold up with the requires of adventurers all more than the planet.

The original Macpac Pursuit


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