Couple obtain their personal island and construct two spectacular off-grid cabins


Finnish designers Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimaki have not too long ago completed the 1st stage of their two stage island project. Dubbed Project Ö, the duo have effectively constructed two off-grid cabins on their really personal private island. They spent 5 years browsing for the perfect island, and when the chance arose to buy the 200 m by 100 m (656 ft by 328 ft) triangular island, situated at the edge of the Archipelago National Park in Southwest Finland, they jumped at the possibility.

“After five years of intensive browsing, a ideal small island is located,” says Hautamäki and Selkimaki. “The island itself is absolutely untouched and intact, there has in no way been any habitation. It really is permitted to construct 400 sq m [4,305 sq ft] on the island with strict guidelines on the dimensions from the shoreline and in between the buildings.”

In order to function with the rocky situations of the landscape and the strict creating guidelines, the couple came up with an initial style for two self-sustaining timber dwellings that incorporate comfy interior and outside living zones, a sauna and a workshop.

Access to the dwellings is via a series of wooden steps and walkways

Access to the dwellings is by way of a series of wooden methods and walkways

The style options a 45-sq m (484-sq ft) guest home, comprehensive with living location, kitchen, master bedroom, conventional Finnish sauna, wash space and an further exterior living space equipped with outside kitchen and dining. The adjacent creating options a 25-sq m (269-sq ft) workshop, boasting a compact technical shed at one particular finish and an impressive workshop with ample storage at the other. The structure also incorporates an outside space, which can be utilized to extend the function zone or present access for bigger machinery if required.

The main dwelling features a modern European kitchen

The major dwelling options a modern day European kitchen

Each structures are constructed with a hidden timber frame and are clad with vertical timber panels. Wooden decking enables the buildings to sit amid the rocky landscape and access to the dwellings is by way of a series of wooden methods and walkways. The hidden timber frame permitted for additional flexibility with the interior walling and all round interior style.

“Timber frame is hidden and will normally be clad more than with yet another material, which indicates it offers numerous possibilities on how to cover the walls,” says Hautamäki and Selkimaki.

The self-sustaining timber dwellings incorporate comfortable interior and outdoor living zones, a sauna and a workshop

The self-sustaining timber dwellings incorporate comfy interior and outside living zones, a sauna and a workshop

Due to the remote place, the cabins required to be 100 % self-adequate, consequently roof-top rated solar panels had been integrated to energy the residences. Six 260-watt solar panels, coupled with eight 605 ah (six V) batteries, enables a continual provide to the residences. As a backup, a combustion engine generator was installed, which is programmed to commence anytime the battery level drops under a particular level.

The residences involve a SolaRO MIni 150 water filtration program, which enables 100 liters (26.four gal) of water per hour to be purified from the Baltic sea. The filtered water is utilized for all water requirements on the island. Hot operating water is created by the sauna’s stove, which also offers heating to the floors all through the two cabins.

The main living zone is designed around a large black wood-burning stove

The major living zone is made about a big black wood-burning stove

At the moment the Project Ö cabins can accommodate up to 10 persons and boast easy interiors that have been kept minimal and functional, with the major living zone made about a big black wood-burning stove. Huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows all through each cabins present endless views of the untouched surrounding landscape and sea.

The subsequent stage of Project Ö is planned for the coming years, and will see the completion of the major home, which will be constructed on the middle claw of the island. The video under has additional.

Supply: Project Ö by way of Designboom


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