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October 24th, 2019

Enormous Fire Destroys Pac-Nor Barreling Plant in Oregon

A fire consuming the Pac-Nor Barreling Oregon factory was the lead story for the Curry Coastal Pilot.

The Pac-Nor Barreling production center in Oregon burned to the ground yesterday morning, October 23rd. The 7000-square-foot barrel-producing facility situated close to Brookings, Oregon, was destroyed in a huge fire that apparently began with an electrical fault. There have been nine workers in the facility at the time the fire broke out. All exited the developing safely.

Millions of dollars of production machinery and barrels have been lost in the fire. The Pac-Nor facility is insured, but Pac-Nor owner Chris Dichter stated he was not certain if the plant would be re-constructed: “Thirty-5 years of my life went up in this fire. I am 66 years-old and I do not know if I have the time left. It took my lifetime to come across all the machinery in this plant.”

The developing and machinery inside have been worth in between 4 and six million dollars, Dichter estimated. There is insurance coverage, but it is not clear no matter whether Pac-Nor will resume production in the future.

How did the fire start off? Chris Dichter stated there have been sparks when an electical conduit for a lathe was removed from a wall socket. Then when energy was shut off from the key breaker, there was a blast of flame from the wall, nearly like an explosion. Dichter declared: “I’d never ever noticed something go like that. It blew up with smoke and fire. It sounded like a tree fell on the plant.”

We propose you study this story — it delivers the most info on how the fire began. Pac-Nor owner Chris Dichter is quoted extensively.

This story has the most full collection of Pac-Nor fire images.

Early report with six Pac-Nor Fire images.

Pac-Nor Barreling Inc., founded in 1985, was a key producer of precision rifle barrels in North America. Pac-Nor provided a substantial assortment of barrel lengths and contours, and had a vast choice of reamers for chamberings from .17 to .50 caliber. Pac-Nor was also nicely-recognized for its preferred pre-chambered, “pre-fit” barrels. These offered very affordable accuracy upgrades for factory rifles. This Editor has a Pac-Nor three-groove 6mmBR pre-match barrel that proved superbly precise. That barrel, and the Savage rifle to which it was fitted, helped inspire this web-site, which began as 6mmBR.com.

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