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Leaves near the Fiery Gizzard Trail.

Leaves close to the Fiery Gizzard Trail.

I was swallowed hours ago by a densely forested ravine carved into the Cumberland Plateau, which drowns out even the memory of city noise as it surrounds me with golden hickory and vibrant orange maple. Now, I’m navigating a boulder field previous the waterfalls of Massive Fiery Gizzard Creek as they tumble by way of the old development hemlocks. I’ll discover right here all morning ahead of climbing a handful of hundred feet back onto the plateau, exactly where I’ll gawk at the gorge twisting in vibrant ribbons of green, red and golden leaves south of right here. Tonight’s camp on the plateau promises yipping coyotes and a star-kissed sky tomorrow I’ll soak my feet beneath 60-foot Foster Falls. I can not assume of a much better way to devote my weekend.

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Turn-by-turn from the Fiery Gizzard Trailhead

1. Take the Fiery Gizzard Trail (FGT) east .six mile to silken Hanes Holes Falls, a low but wide cascade that is the initial of 5 waterfalls on the trail. Descend 500 feet and navigate scree peppered along Massive Fiery Gizzard Creek.

two. At mile 1.two, turn left on the Dog Hole Trail for the .two-mile climb onto the plateau.

three. keep on the Dog Hole Trail for two.five miles, following the edge of the plateau. At the subsequent trail junction take a .five-mile spur trail appropriate to Raven Point, a rocky prominence overlooking a single of the deep, forested valleys cutting into the plateau, then return to the junction and continue straight. Dip down to a bridge spanning McAlloyd Branch ahead of returning to the plateau best.


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