Gun Critique: Turnbull Completed Ruger Mark IV Target Model .22 LR Pistol


When my Dad passed away, he left a collection of firearms that, although reasonably modest, incorporated some attractive, custom-constructed things. But, at the time he died, my Dad was focused on developing a collection of factory-produced, Ruger merchandise.

One particular kind of firearm missing from his collection of Rugers was a semi-automatic pistol. I know it wasn’t since he didn’t assume very of Ruger merchandise in basic – witness his collection at the finish of his life. I suspect that he basically hadn’t run across a Ruger semi-auto that struck his fancy.

So, when Mike Nelson of Turnbull Restoration asked me if I would like to critique one particular of their Turnbull-completed Ruger Mark IV Target Model pistols in .22 LR I was far more than eager.

Of course, a massive element of my excitement came from the chance to function with a further Turnbull solution, but almost equal to that catalyst was the nostalgia that welled up with the believed of reviewing a firearm by one particular of my Dad’s favourite gun makers.

The Turnbull-completed version of the gun is a stock Ruger Mark IV Target pistol (this model) to which Turnbull has applied some finishing touches. They’ve threaded it to accept a suppressor, added an optional hardwood target grip, and then provided it the Turnbull colour case hardened finish for which they’re so properly recognized.

When I collected the Mark IV from Tom McElwayne, the anticipated ooh-ing and ahh-ing was heard from Tom and his clientele as I lifted the pistol from its container. That Turnbull finish never ever fails to impress.

And the beautifully-sculpted wooden target grips supply great help and balance when I took aim at a ceiling tile in the retailer.

You will notice that my impressions of the Mark IV Target itself differ tiny if at all from these of Josh Wayner who wrote up a pretty full critique of the stock version of the gun (click right here to study).

Removing the magazine was achieved employing the recessed button adjacent to the trigger guard.

Opening the chamber to verify that the pistol was unloaded involved basically grasping the wings on the rear of the slide and pulling till it locked open.

If you cock the Mark IV, set the security to ‘on’ and depress the silver-colored button situated just beneath the back of the slide, the barrel and receiver can be pivoted up and away, resulting in the separated components pictured beneath.

The ease of this procedure — the key function that distinguishes Ruger’s Mark IV pistols from the earlier versions of this preferred rimfire platform — signifies that one particular can promptly, and however completely, clean the pistol each and every time it is employed. Placing the components back collectively took much less time than I spent typing these lines.

The final bit of disassembly involved unscrewing the cap that protects the threads to mount a suppressor.

As can be observed the Turnbull gunsmiths didn’t miss the chance to spot their stereotypical finish on even this protective cap.

Variety Time 

Frances, my wife, has been placing up with me for close to 45 years and I nonetheless contemplate her my higher-college sweetheart. And, most importantly for this critique, she does not shoot pretty generally. That tends to make her a very good test topic for figuring out the shootability of the Turnbull Completed Mark IV .22LR rimfire pistol.

As soon as at the variety, we set up targets so I could test the accuracy of the Mark IV. The target pictured beneath was my final, and smallest, 10-shot group. O.K., so the pistol possessed the a great deal-touted accuracy of the Mark IV model. That is a 1.375″ group at 25 yards shooting from bags. Josh was in a position to get one particular-inch groups from his, which I do not doubt at all.

The subsequent query was the utility of the Turnbull-completed Mark IV as a pistol for an eager, but infrequent, handgun shooter. I handed the empty pistol to Frances and became the photographer. Just after ejecting the magazine, Frances fed in the 10 cartridges…

…and then warmed up employing the bench rest.

I worried that the target grips would be a poor match for Frances’ smaller sized hands, but she located they added a stability and balance that worked completely off the bench.

The subsequent step was for us to go to off-hand stances. Once more, we located that the Mark IV balanced beautifully, and apart from, as Frances professed, it was a lot far more exciting shooting at a target that produced a ‘ping’ when hit!


The Turnbull Completed Ruger Mark IV Target Model is a attractive, precise and exciting pistol to take to the variety, or into the woodlot to plink and/or hunt modest game. Its accuracy fits the needs of the significant marksman, as properly becoming an encouragement for the newbie or infrequent shooter.

Of course, with the Turnbull patented bone charcoal colour case hardened barrel, whoever picks it up feels like they’re handling what it is – a ‘fine’ firearm. I want these had been about when I was a kid.

Offered his like of Ruger firearms and attractive finishes like Doug Turnbull produces, I bet I could have convinced my Dad to acquire one particular for his youngest son.

Specifications: Turnbull Completed Ruger Mark IV Target Model

Caliber: .22 LR
Barrel Length: five.five inches, threaded in typical 1/2″-28 for suppressors
General Length: 9.75”
Weight: 35.eight oz.
Finish: Barrel: Turnbull Restoration bone charcoal colour case hardened (carbon steel) Frame: Ruger factory blued (aluminum)
Capacity: 10
MSRP: $900

Ratings (out of 5 Stars):

Style: * * * * *
The Turnbull craftsmanship is evident in the detailing of the Mark IV. Even so, the lines made by the Ruger designers for the stock pistol also play a significant part in creating the ‘Wow!’ element of the completed gun. It is definitely attractive.

Match and Finish: * * * * *
Once more, the base Ruger pistol is an great platform to start with. This pistol is characterized by the special bone charcoal colour case-hardened frame and Ruger Factory blueing of the frame and smaller sized metal components. The Ruger Target laminate wood grips fitted each Frances’ and my hands very properly. The finger grooves supplied a great deal higher stability than the smooth stock grips located on our individual pistols.

Accuracy * * * * *
The accuracy at the variety was great. This held correct for each an infrequent shooter and a far more jaded…I imply experienced…shooter. The Mark IV Target will place rounds specifically exactly where you want them (assuming you are a very good adequate shot).

Reliability: * * * * *
Frances and I fired more than 150 rounds by means of the Mark IV with out any mechanical difficulties. No failures to feed, extract or eject. That is saying some thing provided the inconsistent good quality of most rimfire ammunition.

General * * * * *
The ‘target’ match, Turnbull finish and great accuracy make the Turnbull-Completed Ruger Mark IV Target model pistol in .22 LR a great pistol for any person. Each neophyte and veteran shooters will appreciate attempting for the greatest groups they can make, or generating the steel targets ‘ping’. You will have to determine if the added finishing is worth the expense more than the base model, but it is worth every single penny to me.

(Do not inform Frances, but I program to see about getting one particular of these pistols for her for Christmas.)


Mike Arnold writes about firearms and hunting at his weblog Mike Arnold, Outside Writer.

A note of thanks to the following men and women, with out whose generosity this critique would not have been probable: Mike Nelson, Paul Downs and Doug Turnbull from Turnbull Restoration Tom McElwayne (Shooters Den) Tracy Ledbetter (Gun Racks for Significantly less) and Frances Arnold (shooter and photographer).



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